How To Prepare Your Child For School

How To Prepare Your Child For School

The school year is just around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be sending your kids back to school, or even sending them off for the first time! While sending a child to school for the first time can be scary and challenging for everyone, there are a few ways to prepare your child for school that should make the transition easier on them and you!

First, put it in your child’s mind that school is nearing, and that it’s something they’ll be doing. Sit down, talk about it, and make sure that your child starts to get comfortable with the idea. Surely, they’ll have questions about it because it’s so new to them, and you’ll want to answer all their questions and quell any fears they might be facing about going to school. In order to prepare your child for school, you’ll want to make sure they have a strong understanding of what school is, why it’s necessary, and that it’s going to be a positive experience.

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How to Teach Your Child to Share

How to Teach Your Child to Share

Sharing is one of the hardest parts of growing up. Even as adults people tend to feel a sense of invasion when someone touches their things. Yet sharing is a social goal that each child must meet. Learning how to teach your child to share can be hard on a parent because it involves teaching your child that other people can be as important as your child is.… [read more]

Baby Wearing Ballet


Babies love dancing, and these little ones are plié-ing before they can even walk. 

Morgan Castner, a dancer and mother of 2 has created a very unique class in Tustin, CA where new mothers dance – while wearing their babies. 

The 45 minute class is open to mothers and mothers-to-be at all fitness and experience levels. It offers a chance for mothers and babies to spend some time together outside of the house – dancing, toning, bonding and meeting other new mothers. … [read more]

Summer Sun Safety: Keeping Your Children Safe in the Sun

Summer Sun Safety

The sun can be rejuvenating, but it can also be dangerous. It is important for people of all ages to get exposure to sunlight since this is the best way to help the body produce vitamin D. Too much sun however, can cause painful burns, blackouts, and sun poisoning. It can also dehydrate young children very quickly. Keeping your children safe from the sun may be more important than you think.… [read more]

Spending July 4th With the Family

July 4th Family

Independence Day is a day to celebrate America, but also a day to spend with the family. Here are some great July 4th family activity ideas:

Take a mini vacation

There is no better way than spending time with the family than enjoying a mini vacation. My husband and I are going camping with our daughter Ava for four days. It’s great way to spend a couple days away from the city and it’s not too expensive either. Gone are the laptops, Ipads and Iphones! Just family bonding!

If you can’t get away for the weekend then take a vacation in your backyard. Kids will love camping in their backyard, but still have the comforts of home nearby. … [read more]