Bilingual Babies Learn Faster


Babies exposed to two languages display better learning and memory skills compared to their monolingual peers, according to  new research.  

The high levels of bilingual families in Singapore facilitated the collaboration between scientists and hospitals to study 114 6 month-old infants – about half of whom had been exposed to two languages from birth. … [read more]

Enjoy Some Free Family Fun This Fall

Family throwing leaves in the air

Fall is just around the corner and that means a whole bunch of new fun activities your family can enjoy together. Here are some great activities that are not only free, but fun for the kids!

One of my favorite free family fall activity is playing in the leaves.

Kids love jumping in a huge pile of leaves. Make a day of it. Start with a few rakes and you’ve got the kids doing something constructive without even knowing it. Rake the leaves into a gigantic pile and watch the fun begin. Take a few pictures, have a leaf fight, enjoy family time together and create funtastic fall memories.… [read more]

Fall Family Fun With Apples


In light of my favorite season, Fall, I figured we could talk a bit about apples! So here are my favorite things to do with some lovely apples.

First and foremost, fresh apples! Yum. Nothing better than picking them fresh off the tree. If you can find a local apple orchard start there. If you don’t have time to do the whole experience of going through all the trees you can usually buy prepackaged ones from their farms. Our favorite apples are the Jonathon’s. They are tangy and sweet and nice and crisp! Often times apple farms will have other fun kid friendly activities for you and your family to enjoy.… [read more]