Tips For Making Morning Routines Easier

 Tips For Making Morning Routines

For moms juggling work, kids in school and family responsibilities these Tips For Making Morning Routines Easier will help tremendously. From getting up on time to out the door with everything they need, every mom struggles at some point or another.  Put these tips in place to make sure your morning routine is easier and more productive. … [read more]

Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine

 Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine

Putting your kids to bed on time every night can be a real struggle for many parents.  Simplifying Your Kids Bedtime Routine is simple when you apply a few of our favorite methods. Not only will this help make things better at bedtime, but will help them to sleep better and wake up easier.  Switching up your bedtime routine can bring you and your kids a healthier happier relationship and attitude. … [read more]

Making Mommy Time A Priority

Making Mommy Time A Priority

One of the hardest things about parenting can be Making Mommy Time A Priority. Mommy time is simply that time you set aside to take care of yourself. Whether it is time alone, a bubble bath, a manicure or just reading a book, making time for yourself is very important.  It is very tough, but we have some tips on how to make mommy time a priority that will be easy for any mom to implement. … [read more]

Caring For You American Girl Doll – Hair & Vinyl


Did your little girl get an American Girl doll or another vinyl doll for Christmas? We had a Bitty Baby in the family already but this year we added big girl  Isabelle from American Girl.  Lots of beautiful long, silky hair with a more grown up look. So if you got a new one or have an older one that is looking a little worse for the wear lets talk upkeep- hair and “skin” care tips and tricks.  These pretty and pricey girls need at least occasional maintenance to keep looking their best.… [read more]

Teaching Kids to Give During the Holidays and Every Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Community Christmas

It’s the season of good will, generosity, and appreciation for friends, family, and loved ones. Sometimes that can get lost in the hub-bub of glitz and shopping.  The holiday wish list of a child can go on for miles. New toys, the latest video games, and the hottest trends fill their dreams. But, for parents, the gift is seeing the happy looks on their faces when they open their presents. It’s the reciprocal of gratitude that we all wish for.

Teaching kids to give during the holiday and every day, is a gift that will last a lifetime. Learning to give to others will enforce an appreciation of what they have, too! Sharing and teaching is easier than you think. There are many opportunities to teach children to give, especially during the holiday…

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