Charming Reality TV Kids Being Cute Trends On Social Media

Jackson and Lilah Roloff

With the rise of social media, kids don’t need to be Reality TV stars. When clips of cute kids start trending on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, they can actually get as many comments as well-known children from real reality TV shows. This weekend, one clip that was shared quickly racked up nearly 320K likes, and thousands of comments from viewers. Super cute and caring, they loved it so much that some of them said that it made their day.

Reality TV Shows Bring Some Very Adorable Kids

Given the exposure that the various shows give many young kids, whenever they appear on social media, people engage in the comments section. Well, Jackson and Lilah Roloff come to mind for cuteness. The Little People, Big World stars often get thousands of comments from TLC fans. In fact, many of them think that cute kids actually bring the best moments to the show. Of course, there are plenty of other young stars to choose from. MTV and TLC reveal a lot of children who rose to starlet status when their parents shared photos of them, them or if they appeared on television screens.

Reality TV stars like Kaiser, Ensley, and Jace from Teen Mom get a lot of likes even though Jenelle Evans was fired from MTV. Of course, shows like Doubling Down With The Derricos also attract a lot of viewers. Then, Unexpected also brings some cute and adorable children, although their parents often seem less popular than their kids. Well, the clip that shows an act of kindness and friendship that trends at the moment doesn’t seem to have been filmed for a TV show. That can’t be confirmed as the original video creator wasn’t actually tagged in the post.

Reality TV Kids Upstaged In Real Life?

The Goodnews Movement on Instagram posted up a video on Father’s Day that didn’t show any dads around. However, the kids clearly have great parents. In particular, one little boy just about melted the hearts of viewers. The caption read, “Find yourself a friend like #68… 🥰🥰🥰.” Actually, #68 referred to one kid sitting with his two friends and he wore a t-shirt with the number on it. In the clip, one little boy in school clearly felt bored to death or simply got worn out playing with his mates. So, he swayed from side to side in the chair. Actually, who hasn’t seen little puppies doing the same thing?

Charming Real Reality TV Kids Trend On Social Media
Credit unknown via goodnews movement / Instagram


Possibly upstaging any reality TV starlets, when the kid with the number 68 tee realized what was happening, he gently reached out and pulled the boy so he could lay his head against his friend’s shoulder. It looked so sweet and caring, that many fans commented about the innocent beauty of friendship. Actually, nearly four thousand comments went in on the post.

Appreciative Audience Comments

We can’t share all of the comments in this article, so here’s a small sample of what people said:

The sweetness of a child 🤍

That little shoulder Pat at the end.

Wow, didn’t wake him up just let him rest on his shoulder. Amazing ❤️

What insight, what heart.❤️

What we can become when we are taught and shown love, kindness and empathy from a young age ❤️.”


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