My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened to Amber and Nathan Prater, Still on Weight Loss Journey?

Amber and Nathan Prater

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that fans of the show want to know what happened to Amber and Nathan Prater after they appeared on the show. They were introduced back in 2021 and they were ready to go on their weight loss journey.

Amber and Nathan were ready to work together in order to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. They sought Dr. Now’s help in order to do so.

Their struggles to lose weight were causing them a lot of mental and physical pain. Let’s find out what happened to them and where they are now.

Amber and Nathan’s Weight Loss Journey

Nathan and Amber live in Palestine, Texas. When Nathan contacted Dr. Now, he weighed 607 pounds. Amber weighed about 500 pounds, but they both needed Dr. Now’s help.

The couple worked together to lose weight in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. It turns out that Amber had the surgery before and ended up gaining a lot of that weight back.

Amber and Nathan Prater

Apparently, she never really addressed her addiction to food and this is part of what caused her to continue to gain weight.

While on the diet, Amber gained more weight instead of losing it and Dr. Now really was concerned about her mental health too.

He sent the couple to therapy to figure out what was going on in their marriage as well as their health. It turned out that they had some deep issues and lack of respect for one another. The couple did end up losing more weight and have updated their fans since their time on the show.

Where Are They Now?

Nathan had weight loss surgery and it looks as if he has been working two jobs. He has repaired his relationship with his stepdaughter and they are doing amazing things together, like rock climbing.

The last time he appeared on the show, he weighed in at around 250 pounds. Not only is he feeling great these days, but he celebrated 12 years with Amber this past March. However, he did lose his mother earlier this year and that broke his heart.

Amber and Nathan both seem to be working hard on their weight loss journey still and have continued to shed pounds since their time on the show.

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