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I have many titles that I’m proud of – a political science major, world traveler, social media influencer and of course a mom! I am 32 years old and was born in Montreal, QC, Canada.

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I started blogging in 2006 in the entertainment field. However, the concept of Celeb Baby Laundry came to fruition while I was pregnant in 2010 with my daughter, Ava. I researched the ‘mommy blogging’ world and loved the personal stories each mom had to share, but I wanted to do something a little different. I decided to create a blog that would encompass my personal stories of motherhood while featuring topics that interest moms on an everyday basis. That’s where the pop culture aspect of Celeb Baby Laundry was born. Can you honestly name a mom that doesn’t have a copy of an entertainment magazine?

Celeb Baby Laundry is truly a website that was created by a mom for other moms. I have built a strong personal connection with moms that read my blog. Over time, Celeb Baby Laundry has grown to be to an online magazine where moms enjoy family-friendly recipes, crafts for kids, reviews, travel and everything Disney related.

In March 2016, I welcomed twin girls Ella & Rose. I wasn’t surprised when I found out we were expecting twins. I was a twin in the womb and my mom’s sister has twins. This new experience is something I’m currently trying to showcase on my blog.

My husband Daniel is my second half, and I have a hard time remembering life without him! We met when I was 18, and we instantly had a strong connection. I credit our long relationship to being best friends, before anything else.

As a young couple, we traveled the globe! Some of the places we visited in our younger years include England, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, and France. We both have a love of traveling, and this has not changed as parents. The only difference now is that we have three kids in tow! We traveled extensively, with our eldest, and this summer we started the girls off, with a two-month adventure to Europe.  We firmly believe that travel will spark the curiosity of our children and give them a greater appreciation for the world. In the next coming months, Daniel will be broadcasting our travels via his vlog, The Go Guy.

Travel closely relates to one of my other passions in life – the fine arts. My husband often calls me his tour guide when we go to historical sites and museums because of this.  I’m especially interested in Ancient Greek architecture, Renaissance, and 19th-Century French art.

One of my greatest desires as an online influencer is to show other parents that it is possible to balance everyday life with parenthood. Parents can still have interests while sharing them with the best individuals of all – their children.

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