Bachelor in Paradise Jade Liz Roper Opens Up On More Kids

Jade Liz Roper

Bachelor in Paradise fans heard the sad news that Jade Liz Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert lost a baby boy through a miscarriage and now, she’s discussing whether she will have more kids or not.

After Reed was born, many people thought they might never have any more kids because Tanner talked about getting the snip.  So might they actually consider more children going forward?

Bachelor in Paradise: A Second Miscarriage For Jade Liz Roper

ABC fans know that Tanner and Jade fell in love during their time on the island. Later they heard that she fell pregnant and there was joy in the land. However, she sadly lost her baby in a miscarriage.

After that, she birthed Emmy, Brooks, and Reed and their charming little kids are adored by fans, Sadly, she announced that she lost another baby.

The news came earlier this month, that the baby died inside her womb, but they’d only just found out. However, her body hadn’t expelled the baby.

Bachelor in Paradise fans saw a later update when Jade said that Tanner took her to the ER. Was the baby coming out? Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Jade is determined to let nature expel her little boy in its own time. When she was at the ER, they discovered that her body was still producing hormones that made her body think she is still pregnant.

It’s an emotional time for her, and she wants fans to respect her way of dealing with it.

Bachelor in Paradise: Jade Lis Roper Ponders More Children

Most people seem to be very understanding about how the TV star wants to keep holding onto her baby as long as possible. However, their minds turn to the future.

Taking to her Instagram Stories this weekend, she did a Q&A and one fan asked her, “Are you going to try again for number 4?” Actually, she could have curtly seen them off, because her mind is on her recent loss. But she took the time to answer.

Bachelor in Paradise Jade Liz Roper Opens Up On More Kids
Jade Roper / Instagram Stories

The Bachelor in Paradise star said, “Very up in the air.” Then she added, “A big part of me wants to, but I’m just not sure right now.” Actually, that seems to be completely understandable.

After all, her emotions must be everywhere right now. Perhaps it’s best not to make a decision until she has buried her little boy. At the moment, she seems to take a lot of comfort from her fans who are being gentle with her.

Kindness Of ABC Fans

One Bachelor in Paradise fan sent in a question that asked how people can help “when the time comes” for Jade and Tanner “to honor” their son. They’d like to be able to “support” the couple.

In her reply, she seemed blown away by kindness. Jade said, “This is an incredibly kind message.” She also said that she “would love to hear ways you’ve honored a loss.” She does think about it but seems keen to “hear more” ideas. Jade went on and thanked the fan. She wrote, “Your compassionate messages are more than enough support.”

ABC Fans Want To help Jade

Are you happy that fans are being gentle and kind with Jade? What do think of her not being sure about having more children? Right now, perhaps it’s not the time to make that decision.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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