Will OutDaughtered Star Riley Busby Resent Her Parents Later?

Riley Busby

OutDaughtered starlet Riley Busby was always the brightest, the quickest, the most inquisitive child.

But will she grow up to resent her parents for always labeling her bad? TLC fans think that no matter what she does,

Danielle and Adam package their daughter in the bad brand. One day she will have to live with that being put out on national TV.

OutDaughtered: Sometimes Riley Busby Does Misbehave

The reality show’s fans revere Riley as a leader in the series. She often takes charge and her dad calls her “The Boss.”

When compared to her siblings, she stands out and always has done. Mind you, she could be a bully when she was a tiny tot.

However, she has a smile that could light up the world. If there’s a challenge, usually it’s Riley who will be the first one to tackle it. However, it seems that she’s not Danielle and Adam’s favorite child.

OutDaughtered fans saw Riley throw the occasional tantrum when she couldn’t get her own way. But she was just one child in the world who did that at the age of two or three.

What alarmed fans was that she was still throwing a fit at the age of four or five. The last time Adman posted her having a sulk came after he taught her a lesson about being greedy.

Now she seems to have stopped having tantrums, fans noticed that no matter what the conversation is, when it comes to Riley, her mom and dad use negative words.

OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle Are ‘Snarky With Riley?’

This week, u/Alchidc took to the r/outdaughtered subreddit and shared that they think Adam and Danielle seem to be “snarky with Riley.”

They felt that “the parents have the least amount of patience with Riley.” So, they wondered if because she’s a bright kid, they just expect more from her.

They continued by writing, “Like riding in front of Hazel on the lawn. [Riley]  shouldn’t have done that obviously, but I felt like she was addressed as a burden. Not as a 7 year old just hanging around with her sisters and dad who made a tiny mistake.”

Will OutDaughtered Star Riley Busby Resent Her Parents Later
u/Alchidc / Reddit

Other OutDaughtered fans picked up the conversation and one observant commenter noted, “Riley is so smart..but if you’ve watched from season 1 she’s always been referred to as their problem child. The wild one, the stubborn one..since birth. I love her…” Another follower opined, “…riley will have to live with that label and those moments most likely her whole entire life because of a couple bad moments being filmed for millions to see when she was young and had absolutely no control.”

Resentful Riley?

An OutDaughtered viewer wrote, “Imagine how Riley will feel later in life watching old episodes where she’s constantly labeled the brat … on national tv … throughout her entire childhood … by her entire family. My sister used to make comments like that about my niece and they hurt and have stayed with her now 20+ years later.”

What are your thoughts? Did you ever notice that Adam and Danielle seem to always describe their daughter as bad?

Do you think she will grow up to resent them later? Let us know in the comments below.

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