OutDaughtered Spoilers: Is The Show Scripted? What Fans Think!


OutDaughtered spoilers reveal that there are some fans who feel that the show is completely scripted. Recently, these fans have shared that they think Danielle Busby is a little much.

Now that the show is back for Season 10, viewers have expressed their concerns about the issues that Danielle and Adam Busby are having right now.

Danielle seems to be at her breaking point and is unsure how they are going to handle the new challenges in their life. Let’s find out more about why fans think this has been scripted.

The Busby’s New Challenges

During the new season of OutDaughtered, viewers have seen just how complicated things have gotten now that their daughters are all growing up and interested in different hobbies and after-school activities.

Adam and Danielle aren’t sure what to do when it comes to driving the girls around and getting them where they need to be. Danielle thinks that they need to hire someone to help them out.


Not only do the quints have activities after school, but as Blayke Busby has entered her teen years, she is going through a lot these days too.

She has started to have severe anxiety and the Busbys are realizing just how much they are trying to juggle these days. What is going to happen to them if they can’t do it all?

Danielle has started to show her anxiety from trying to do as much as she can, but Adam seems to think that they can handle it all.

Why Fans Think It’s Scripted

With all of the tension and stress over who would bring the girls to their activities, fans watched on as Adam tried to make things right by buying the girls their school supplies.

It didn’t seem like the best solution for Danielle, but Adam wanted to try and make everything right even for just a little bit. No matter what Danielle and Adam try to plan, it doesn’t seem as if they can make all of this work with their daughters.

After watching the new episode, fans are sure that the Busbys are now following a script. These fans think that Danielle is just “too much” and she has always known that this would come up in their lives and just never prepared for it or is following the script of the show. They also feel that all she does is nag when she can teach her daughters how to do things on their own now that they have grown up.

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