OutDaughtered Spoilers: Why Is Danielle Busby So Upset with Adam Busby?

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers reveal that Danielle Busby is incredibly upset with her husband, Adam Busby. This season of the show is going strong and Danielle and Adam have already encountered a lot of challenges.

The couple is raising six daughters and also trying to work out things in their marriage. It hasn’t been easy, but they are doing the best that they can.

In the latest episode, Danielle pointed out that she is now feeling as if Adam stabbed her in the heart. Let’s find out why she feels this way.

Adam’s Confession

Adam and Danielle have been through a lot in their marriage and they have tried to get through it. With their daughters growing up and them all wanting to do different activities, the couple is struggling to get all of them where they need to be.

Danielle didn’t really feel supported when she told Adam that she thought that they needed to get a nanny or some extra help. Adam feels as if they can both tackle it all.

Danielle was pretty shocked when Adam confessed about his feelings about their marriage. He said, “Realizing how different we are as far as how we want to feel, like love.

Danielle and Adam Busby

Talking about how I play good cop. It’s just because I want that love and affection from the kids because I don’t necessarily get it from Danielle. And so like, I’m the good cop with them because I want them to be drawn to me and love me.”

Danielle’s Reaction

When Danielle heard what Adam had to share about their marriage, she felt as if he “stabbed me in the heart a little bit.” Danielle got incredibly emotional when she heard this from Adam.

Danielle now feels as if Adam doesn’t think that she loves him. With all of the difficulties happening in their lives right now, their fans want to know if they can actually make this work.

Danielle and Adam have been through a lot since they got married. They have shared their lives with fans for decades and their fans want to see if they can make this work.

They have shared some posts recently of date nights and how they are doing better these days. We will continue to keep an eye on them to see how they manage to get through this.

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