OutDaughtered Brings New Concerns About Quints

Danielle Busby

The new season of OutDaughtered brings new concerns about the quints. Fans noticed something unusual about their six daughters.

The TLC series follows the lives of Adam and Danielle Busby as they juggle their daughters and responsibilities. Their speech has some fans talking. Read on to learn more.

OutDaughtered Fans Concerned About Quints

Fans enjoy watching the daughters grow up on national television. However, the new season concerns them about how Danielle and Adam Busby care for their girls. Some fans have noticed the way they speak. Their speech development hasn’t improved, leading to this new concern.

Viewers watched them grow up over the years. They are ready to enter the fifth grade. Even though they’re doing well, some noticed they still have a “baby voice.” They argue that the girls should’ve outgrown this voice by now. This brought up a discussion on Reddit.

“I couldn’t even sit through a minute of Adam’s back-to-school interview video because they all sound like they’re 3 when they’re now 8 years old,” one fan wrote.

“It’s so bad that I cannot understand them,” another user noted.

“They sound foolish and very hard to undrestand,” someone else commented.

Other OutDaughtered fans wondered if the daughters have speech delays. Developmental or health problems could be the underlying cause. Of course, this is all purely speculation. Adam and Danielle Busby seem fine with where their daughters are at. So that’s their decision to make, no one else’s.

Busby Quints

Danielle and Adam Busby’s Marital Problems

Something else happens this season. Fans see Danielle and Adam Busby’s marriage is strained by their large family. It’s getting hard to manage them as they grow up. In the May 14 episode of the reality series, Danielle approaches a tough topic with Adam as they get their girls ready for school.

“At some point, Adam, with your schedule getting busier, I’m in and out always, around, everywhere — I feel like we just…We need it,” Danielle stammers. “I need some help. We need some help.”

Adam Busby was “excited for the challenge” of taking care of their daughters. Danielle doesn’t see it that way. She feels they need an extra set of hands. Danielle brings up the idea of hiring someone to “drive them from place to place.” She doesn’t want to hire a nanny, per se.

“I just don’t like that, honestly,” Adam says. “I mean, I don’t either, Adam,” Danielle responds. She doesn’t like the idea of quitting her job. “And I cannot do that,” she said.

What are your thoughts on the new season of OutDaughtered? Do you think the daughters still have a baby voice? Sound off below in the comment section.

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