OutDaughtered Fans think Danielle Busby Is Kate Gosselin 2.0

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered brings six girls, Danielle Busby their mom,  and Adam Busby their dad. These days, some TLC fans claim that they feel as if Danielle is becoming very similar to Kate Gosselin who starred in Jon and Kate Plus 8. Remember, the parents of the twins, Mady and Cara, and the sextuplets had an extremely toxic relationship.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Has Similarities to Kate Gosselin?

The Busby family goes out of their way to try and bring amusing and interesting content about their kids. In the new season, Adam and his wife negotiated more say at the production level.

So, fans might wonder why they seem to choose to go down the toxic path. So far, Little People, Big World, and Jon and Kate Plus 8 are prime examples of that.

Years ago, Adam believed that he didn’t like the way he was being portrayed. And yet, he’s now getting a toxic attitude from his wife again.

Perhaps Kate Gosselin is brought to mind while watching OutDaughtered because Collin recently accused his mother of abuse and neglect.

That came on VICE TV’s Dark Side of the 2000s. She lambasted Collin as a liar and her daughter Mady also gave a similar opinion, calling Collin violent and abusive.

Which was rich coming from someone seen on TLC kicking her brother when he was a toddler. It made people go back and watch old episodes and they saw how toxic Kate was to her former husband, Jon.

OutDaughtered: Fans Grow Irritated With Toxic Danielle Busby

Remember the drama that Danielle made over Beauz the dog? And then she became the dog mom and later bought another one named Gus.

Well, this season, they see her giving Adam the side eye and there sits on her face the very slightest sneer when he talks.

TLC popped up a preview for Tuesday’s episode, and said, “The Busby girls tackle a lesson in patience while fishing.” 

OutDaughtered Fans think Danielle Busby Is Kate Gosselin 2.0
TLC / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans saw that the girls soon got bored trying to catch some fish. They caught a tree, and one of the quints thought they caught an alligator.

Riley started complaining and soon, the kids were down in the dumps and unhappy. Hazel was the first to confess that she didn’t “want to fish anymore.”

Because they didn’t catch any fish to eat, Danielle retorted, “Don’t look at me,”  when Adam said they’d need to come up with a “different plan for dinner.”

Kate Gosselin 2.0?

One OutDaughtered fan wrote in the comments on Instagram, “It makes me sad to see Danielle complain about everything. Adam is such a great dad & husband, you can tell how much he loves his family & strives to please her. She puts him down every time he opens his mouth. She’s starting to seem like that lady from John & Kate with the 8 kids.”

Another viewer wrote, “I really used to like Danielle. She needs to lighten up. This show is going downhill real quick.. her attitude is terrible. This is about the kids. Not her! No wonder her family is not around her much on the show anymore. Who would want to be around her with that attitude.”

Not alone, more arrived: “God forbid she actually GETS UP off her chair and helps around the campfire … Geeeeze he does it all and she “ laughs on the inside “ So sad how she instantly deflates him.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Danielle is becoming a bit like Kate Gosselin? Sound off in the comment below.

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