Kate Gosselin Gets Hate After Dark Side Of The 2000s Features Collin

Kate Gosselin Gets Hate After Dark Side Of The 2000s Features Collin

Kate Gosselin has a son named Collin and fans liked him when he appeared in TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8. However, she sent him away to an institution for three years, and he hardly ever saw her. Finally, he got out and went to live with his dad Jon. Now that he’s telling his side of his allegedly abusive mom, on VICE TV’s docuseries, Dark Side Of The 2000s, TLC fans are slamming her on social media.

Kate Gosselin Sent Collin To An Institution

Collin is speaking out about his life in an institution. After he turned 18, he promised his followers that soon, he’d dish some tea. Now that he graduated and is on his way to the military, he certainly is fulfilling his promise as he’s dishing some horror stories. If you don’t know, his mom said that he had “special needs.” But it seems that she just didn’t like him. allegedly abused him, and sent him away from the other kids. When he snuck out a note to his dad, he finally ended up living with Jon and his sister, Hannah.

Kate Gosselin went on with Kate Plus 8, but that came to an end as well. In fact, she stressed about being able to make a living. However, those fans who were Team Jon in the toxic relationship felt no sympathy for her. After all, as far as they could see, she exploited her children on TLC. Additionally, some of them never forgave her for sending Collin away. Something didn’t sit right with them, because Jon claimed he didn’t even know where she’d sent his boy. Now that Collin’s spilling the tea, enraged viewers are heading for social media, finding his mother and shredding her to pieces.

Kate Gosselin Sent Her Son Away To Silence Him?

The Daily Mail carried a story about the VICE TV show interviews. In their article, they wrote, “Former reality star Collin Gosselin has opened up about his bitter rift with four of his sextuplet siblings – while accusing his ‘controlling’ mother…of turning them against him.” When Dark Side Of The 2000s aired this week, viewers discovered that Collin claimed he spoke about the abuse happening at home, and his mom sent him away to silence him. A previous teaser revealed him saying that he was not allowed to talk to his siblings, and even ate his meals all alone. Now, fans of TLC slam her on Instagram.

Kate Gosselin Gets Hate After Dark Side Of The 2000s Features Collin
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The allegations against Kate Gosselin were also backed up by the testimony of Hannah, who also opted to live with her dad. Convinced about how it all went down, plenty of people landed on the TLC star’s birthday post. On July 14, she shared a photo of a cake and one of the sextuplets, but right now, people are not talking about any happy returns. Furious, they lambasted the TLC alum. Actually some of them think that if anyone needs psychiatric help in an institution, it’s her.

Furious Comments

Visitors to Instagram didn’t hold back their feelings about Kate Gosselin. One of them wrote, “Is that a cake for Collin? Oh no that’s right you abandoned him at a psych ward to keep him quiet.”

Meanwhile, another horrified viewer said, “Your (sic) absolutely a horrific mother for what you did to Collin. You need to check yourself into a mental facility and stay there.”

Here’s a similar comment; “Please go check YOURSELF in. YOU are the problem.”

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