Jon & Kate Plus 8 Alum Collin Gosselin Reveals Why His Mom Sent Him Away?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Alum Collin Gosselin Reveals Why His Mom Sent Him Away?

Collin Gosselin, one of the sextuplets raised by Jon and Kate Gosselin on the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8, is revealing his experience when Kate sent him to an institution for three years. Backed up by his sister Hannah, his story sounds heartbreaking. Actually, his interviews don’t seem to place his mom in a good light at all.

Collin Gosselin Had Special Needs?

Kate, who divorced her husband Jon in a toxic cloud of hatred continued feuding with him long after he left the show. In fact, it’s only recently that he decided to drop the custody fight for all of his kids. Now that they’re no longer kids, the  19-year-old sextuplets are speaking out. Well, it’s actually only two of them and they live with Jon these days. Already, accusations of abuse of Collin by Kate emerged, and now fans of the show might actually hear the reason why one son with “special needs” was sent away to an institution.

Back in 2011, Collin Gosselin wasn’t included in Kate’s plans to relocate to Los Angeles and send the kids off to acting classes. A the time, she was accused of doing anything to profit off the children. Actually, Jon objected to them filming, and eventually, even her edition of Kate Plus 8 was canned. While people liked that the kids were no longer allegedly exploited, at the back of everyone’s mind sat the question of why one child was never seen. If you don’t know, he smuggled a note to his dad who filed for and won custody.

Collin Gosselin Reveals Why Kate Sent Him Into Isolation

Vice TV is running a docuseries, The Dark Side of the 2000s, and it includes the Gosselin family. However, it only features Hannah, her brother, and Jon. Kate is definitely not it, and no doubt, she’s possibly spitting with rage. If you don’t know, despite reaching out multiple times, none of the other sextuplets, or the older twins, Mady and Cara will speak to him. In fact, many viewers on social media believe that the former TLC cast member poisoned the minds of her kids when it came to her ex-husband.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Alum Collin Gosselin Reveals Why His Mom Sent Him Away
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram Stories

Without a Crystal Ball run by Katie Joy on YouTube and Instagram has been covering the docuseries. This week, she shared about how Collin Gosselin felt that he was sent to an institution because he “knew too much.” So, what’s going on? In her video, Katie talked about how the reason for his incarceration isn’t what you think. For years, people believed that he misbehaved, didn’t fit in, and went off for therapy. Notably, Jon had no idea where she’d sent his son.

Teaser Reveals Secrets

The Vice TV docuseries, The Dark Side of the 2000s, went in-depth with Collin Gosselin about why he was sent away. And, it wasn’t because he had some sort of “disability.” In the July 19 episode, he slammed his mom for causing the division in his family. In three years, he only saw his mom for “three hours in total.”  Additionally, when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car and had a serious accident, his mom and other siblings didn’t even reach out to him. The Daily Mail got ahold of a “sneak peek,” Katie said. In it, he said he suspected that Kate sent him away so he wouldn’t be able to tell other people about the abusive treatment he received at home.

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