Sweet Home Sextuplets Alum Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers For Saylor – Why?

Sweet Home Sextuplets Alum Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers For Saylor - Why?

Sweet Home Sextuplets‘ parents, Courtney and Eric Waldrop have plenty of kids, so she often has to ask for prayers for them, There’s Saylor, the oldest, Bridge and Wales, the twins, and then six “babies.” Actually, they aren’t babies anymore, but they are for their mom. This week, the former TLC star asked for prayers for Saylor. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Sweet Home Sextuplets – Saylor Waldrop Was Injured

Saylor hurt himself more than once and in April last year while playing a game of basketball, he landed badly and fans felt sorry for him. Of course, it meant another trip to the ER for his mom, Courtney. Fans said their prayers for a quick recovery, and soon he was back at his games again. Playing sports means the world to Saylor, but sometimes, he returns home in pain. Next, he broke his nose and it looked rather eye-watering. That came when he was playing baseball. However, it also came with some complications.

In an update, the Sweet Home Sextupletsmom said in March, “[Saylor] needs to have it broken all over again so it can be set correctly.” Why the complications? Well, he’d tested positive for covid-19, so the medical professional had to postpone surgery. That made him feel sad because it meant sitting out of sports and tournaments for a long time. Once again, TLC fans prayed for Saylor, hoping for a miracle cure that wouldn’t need surgery. This week, more prayers were needed for the broken-bone-prone teen.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Asks For More Prayers

On Tuesday this week, another photo arrived, and this time, Saylor was in a hospital bed. Had something gone wrong again? Well, the answer is no. In fact, it’s taken since February to schedule his surgery to repair his broken nose. In her caption, Courtney wrote, “Prayers for my sweet boy!! He’s FINALLY having nose surgery🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.” Then, she reminded her TLC fans about the covid that delayed his surgery in the first place.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Alum Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers For Saylor why
Gods Divine Nine / Instagram

The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom added, “So finally here we are….you all have been so sweet to ask about Saylor and if he has had surgery yet. He’s about to go back now. So please prayer surgery goes well and his recovery is quick and easy and he’ll be back doing what he loves very soon!!🙏🏻🙏🏻” Mindful of her son’s privacy, she also said that Saylor gave her permission to take and share the photo.

TLC Fans React

As far as Sweet Home Sextuplets fans go, Courtney Waldrop can call for prayers any time she needs them. After all, it can’t be easy raising nine extremely active kids.

One fan replied saying, “Aww, Saylor …you still look handsome…even in your hairnet & surgical gown! 😃 Sending so many 🙏🏻’s for everything to go well today! 💙 I know your Mama heart is worried, Courtney, but God has you all safely cradled in his arms 🤍😘✝️.”

Another one wrote, “Prayers for the surgeons hands and for Saylor to have a speedy recovery.”

Hopefully, Courtney will soon post up a photo of her oldest son in full good health.

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