Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers For Injured Saylor

Sweet Home Sextuplets

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans know that the odds of nine children hurting themselves are high. After all, the more active kids there are, the more often someone will need a visit to the ER. This time, it’s the turn of Saylor, the oldest child of Courtney and Eric Waldrop. So, his mom is asking fans for prayers because of some complications.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Reveals Saylor’s Injuries

It’s not that far back in time, that Saylor was injured and needed the ER. In fact, most of the kids managed to get hurt at one stage or another. Previously, Rayne bashed her chin and ended up there. But fortunately, some of the kids remained injury free in 2022. Notably, it was Tag, Blu, and Layke who managed to keep the ER visits down. Also, the fact that Blu managed that seems surprising as he was often climbing on top of the kitchen counter.

Sweet Home Sextuplets heard in April last year, that Saylor hurt himself. Almost a year later, he was back at the ER. Last time, he hurt his foot. At the time, he was playing basketball and he came down on his foot at a bad angle. So, he had to put plenty of ice on it. For his mom, icing the injury made her wince as everyone knows ice feels like it burns. This week, fans heard about another injury. This time, it came when he was busy with baseball.

Sweet Home Sextuplets

On February 28, Courtney Waldrop took to her Instagram and shared a photo of Saylor. In it, his nose looked rather painful. Then she wrote a long caption and explained why she needs “prayers for this sweet boy!!🙏🏻.” Actually, some TLC fans saw it previously when she shared it in her Stoires. If you don’t know, he broke his nose “in basketball class.” Luckily, most of the swelling went down, and he didn’t seem to be in pain., So, his mom thought it was just a minor thing.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers For Injured Saylor
Courtney Waldrop / Instagram

Unfortunately, doctors decided that he needed “surgery.” However, things went from and to worse, as the Sweet Hokme Sextupets teenager woke up feeling ill on the day of the surgery. His mom confirmed that “he tested positive😩😩😩” for covid.  Naturally, he can’t get his bad break fixed for some time now. And, that means complications as by the time Saylor’s better, it won’t be a simple fix.

Saylor Will Miss The Baseball Season

Delays mean that the Sweet Home Sextuplets kid is “out of baseball now for the season.” As he might need to wait six weeks before surgery is done, that means, “he’s out again😔.” Next, Courtney asked for prayers for her son again.

Kind TLC fans who love the family felt sorry for Saylor. One of them wrote, “Yikes! Poor baby! Id say get those repairs done young.. breathing and headache issues will get worse as they age.😍”

A lot of people encouraged him with comments like this: “So sorry Courtney! God is going to use this ❤️ I pray he feels better soon and can have minimal surgery to repair things. Maybe Saylor can help coach or do other “leadership” roles with baseball this year. I’m sure there is purpose in it, but I hate he can’t play ❤️.”

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