Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Hits A Hiccup In 3rd Trimester

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On alum Joy-Anna Forsyth seems to have thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancy and she expects her third child in May this year. She and Austin already raise Gideon (5), and Evelyn, (2). Naturally, TLC fans hoped that things would go well because they previously lost a baby. This week, she told her fans that she had hit a bit of a hiccup. Read on to find out what is on her mind right now.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Revealed A Lot This Pregnancy

Jim Bob Duggar’s daughter seems to be very happy during this pregnancy. Actually, more than once, she posted up hilarious video clips showing her craving various foods. In fact, she’s not shy about sharing her journey to motherhood again at all. On her YouTube account, she regularly posts updates. Not just videos about her new addition, but also about what the family is up to.

Of course, as she’s part of the Counting On Duggar clan, she and Austin had a family gender reveal. Back in November, Jill Dillard guessed that she would have a boy. Everyone gathered for a fun event where pink and blue balloons were popped. Even though Jill claimed she never guessed correctly, she was spot on this time. So, TLC fans found out that another son is on the way. However, Joy didn’t have completely wonderful news at her latest checkup.

Counting On – Joy-Anna Forsyth Updates And There’s A Hiccup

This week, the TLC alum took to her Instagram Stories and with the voices of the kids in the background, she related her disappointment. Her latest checkup revealed that her baby boy is okay. However, she’s not quite where she needs to be. In the video, she said that she had various tests, but the “glucose” one was off kilter. Frustrated, she said that this means she needs to go for a “three-hour test next week.”

Counting On Joy-Anna Forsyth Hits A Hiccup In 3rd Trimester
Joy-Anna Forsyth / Instagram Stories

Counting On fans saw that savvy Joy-Anna Forsyth also took advantage of the news to promote a product that helps with glucose levels during pregnancy. What does it mean if glucose levels aren’t right during pregnancy? Is it dangerous? Might the baby be harmed? Well, according to the Parents website, “Glucose screening and glucose tolerance testing during pregnancy can help detect gestational diabetes.”

Symptomless Glucose Levels?

Possibly, the Counting On star felt no symptoms of anything being wrong with her glucose levels. Sometimes, there simply aren’t any symptoms. However, doctors monitor it because it can cause some complications for both the baby and the mom. The outlet noted that “Gestational diabetes can cause problems with fetal growth, as well as increase the risk for C-section and high-risk conditions like preeclampsia.”

Did you ever get a failed glucose test during pregnancy? How did you rectify it? Let us know in the comments below.

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