Jill Dillard Reveals Her Midwifery Credentials & Status

Jill Dillard

Counting On alum, Jill Dillard is something of a role model for TLC fans who think that she does a good job raising her kids. Some folks wish she could go and study a bit more, but she decided to have her baby Freddy instead. Often, the subject of her being a midwife arises and this week, she revealed her credentials and her status when it comes to birthing babies.

Counting On Fans Often Discuss Jill Dillard Being A Midwife

Jill knows a lot about birth and babies and that’s because her mom, Michelle Duggar had so many of them. Then, there are her sisters and the wives of her brothers who also delivered about 30 kids to the family. Of course, she went through three of her own births and now has Israel, Sam, and Freddy at home. However, some folks don’t think that she ever became a “real” midwife.

When Jill Dillard is pregnant, people tend to follow her closely because she makes it real and interesting. She’ll talk about the impending birth just as easily as she does about making babies. Also, she often produces tips about cravings, parenting, and other news about her kids. Bear in mind, she has delivered babies for other people in the past, so she knows a lot.

Jill Dillard Confirms Midwifery Status

On February 23, the former TLC star took to her Instagram and posted up some artwork. In her caption, she said, “I’m indecisive sometimes. 🙃 …I switched up a few decorations and finally got this Amazing Grace piece hung in a new spot. 🥰” Continuing, she added, 🌿It was a wedding gift from the midwife I was training under + several of “my” babies and their families! I love it! 💜” Experienced in the ways of social media, she also dished additional information about her midwifery.

Jill Dillard Reveals Her Midwifery Credentials & Status
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Jill Dillard wrote, “since y’all have asked/will prob ask…thanks to so many who I trained under and learned from, I went on to get nationally certified as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) shortly after I had my first child.” However at the moment, she isn’t “practicing,” but, she can start again if she wants to one day in the future. Apparently, her license is still valid, but just “inactive.”

What Is A CPM?

According to Midwife Schooling, only a few people become a CPM as Jill Dillard did. Their website explains that “most midwives are Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs)” who studied nursing. However, there are those who make a direct entry into the world of birthing and that’s what Jill has. In fact, it’s only been officially ascribed a certification in the last “20 years” or so. The explanation includes: “Certified Professional Midwife) credentials have allowed highly trained, competent midwives to set themselves apart from others in the field and validate their advanced knowledge.”

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