LPBW: Baby Josiah Roloff Enjoys His First Winter Fun

Josiah Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans saw on the TLC show, that baby Josiah Roloff wasn’t quick to settle down after his birth. In fact, he got his mom frazzled through a lack of sleep. However, nine months on, he seems to have gotten past that phase. These days, Tori Roloff describes him as “the best.” This week, she revealed him enjoying his first winter and all the fun that goes with it.

LPBW Baby Josiah Roloff Has A Lot Of Firsts

Since his birth last year, Tori and Zach Roloff’s youngest child has been on a short vacation to the lakes in Washington. Plus, he spent time with his grandma, Amy, and his look-a-like grandfather, Matt. Of course, he experienced his very first Christmas and big brother Jackson showed him the train that runs around the tree. The cute little guy met the chickens, and now he enjoyed playing in the snow that was dumped all over the Roloff’s home.

LPBW fans who follow Tori on social media, know that Josiah is starting to develop a strong and stoic personality. Actually, he looks curious about life and his baby-blue eyes are bright and alert.  Much like his brother, he doesn’t seem to cry a lot these days. Actually, that must be a relief for his mom as he seemed to cry non-stop when she first took him home. This week, when it snowed, he had a bit of an accident and didn’t even raise a single tear, according to Tori.

LPBW: Tori Reveals The Kids Playing In The Winter Snow

On February 22, Tori took to her main Instagram profile and shared some photos of the kids outside. Additionally, she posted some extra photos in her Stories. Murphy the dog enjoyed playing in the snow as well. Meanwhile, Josiah, bundled up for the weather sat on the snow and smiled. In her caption in Stories, she said that he managed to “face plant” just after she took the photo. Apparently, he “didn’t even try to save himself.” However, it seems that there were no tears because she added, “But this kid is the beast, he was still happy as a clam.”

LPBW Baby Josiah Roloff Enjoys His First Winter Fun
Tori Roloff Instagram Stories

The LPBW star also shared a photo of the view from inside the house. Actually, the winter landscape looked magical. Meanwhile, Zach got the fire going. After that, she shared some photos of the kids dancing and messing about in the warmth of their home. Luckily, she also shared some of the photos on her profile, so Little People Big World fans could comment on them.

Josiah Roloff’s Grandma Comments On Instagram

When LPBW fans saw the photos, they noticed that Amy dropped a comment. The grandma said, “What? I miss them. Too cute.” That came after Tori wrote, “My snow babiesssss! ❄️Also, Lilah hates snow. 🥶.” Then she mentioned that “school is cancelled 😵‍💫” and her “van can’t move in mud let alone snow. 😑”

Fans also commented and one of them said, “Your (sic) such [a] great Photographer Tori you Capture such great poses of the kids. They’re all getting so big god bless.”

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