Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Tries To Get Baby Number 3 To Come

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On fans who follow Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth on social media are waiting for their third child to make an entrance. It’s been a fairly good pregnancy for the former TLC star, but she did hit one or two hiccups. Now it’s time for the baby to arrive, so Joy is making an effort to help that along.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Expects A Baby Boy

In November last year, the Duggar family gathered for one of their big gender reveals. And, it turned out that the couple expect another boy. They already have Gideon and his little sister, Evelyn, so Joy wondered how her kids would react to another brother. This week, she updated and covered that in a new post. Actually, she had one or two little hiccups, as her glucose was out of balance. Fortunately, she is under proper medical care. So, overall, things seem to be going well.

Counting On fans heard that at about 33 weeks things were going well with the third child. But there was a bit of a scare when Joy thought he might be coming early. Anyway, she drove herself to the ER, but it was just a false labor. Actually, the news arrived that the doctor seems reluctant to do an induction, and hopes that the child will come at the right time. But after the first scare, it seems that the baby doesn’t want to come out after all. So, Joy-Anna is trying to help it along.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Wants Baby To Come – Do The Kids?

On Friday, May 12, the former TLC star took to her YouTube and gave her fans another update. Although she titled it, “Do they even WANT a baby brother?!” it also brought other updates about her pregnancy. Anyway, it turned out that these days, she and her family take an official walk each day. She said that she hopes the exercise will make her baby start moving. Mind you, Evelyn rode in her stroller and Gideon rode his bike.

Counting On Joy-Anna Forsyth Tries To Get Baby Number 3 To Come
Joy-Anna Forsyth / YouTube

Right now, the Counting On family is “soaking up these last moments as a family before the baby comes.” Meanwhile, Evelyn has her own doll baby and she took it with her for the walk. Clearly, the whole family is excited that soon, a new infant will arrive. When they went shopping, they took the kids along, and Gideon said that when the baby comes, he wants to “tickle” it. But, his mom said he’d have to wait a bit before he does that. Meanwhile, Evelyn seems to want to just laugh with her baby brother.

TLC Fans react In The Comments

Counting On fans love to see Joy-Anna Forsyth and the kids looking so excited as the time nears for the arrival of another child. One follower said, “So excited for y’all!!! The time is near! I have a list of people I pray for daily, and You/Family are always in my prayers! Stay strong…G-d is with you ❤🎉.”

Another viewer commented, “This is so exciting waiting on a new little life, there is NOTHING better! I KNOW you don’t have to share this stuff with us, but for those of us that have watched you all grow up, [we] love seeing the story unfold now…”

Are you also feeling excited about the fact that Joy-Anna Forsyth’s new baby will soon be arriving? Shout out in the comments below.

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