Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Updates At 33 Weeks Pregnant

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On alum, Joy-Anna Forsyth expects her third child and TLC fans watch closely as she updates them. Bear in mind, she did lose a baby, and at one stage, she was stricken with sadness. Since then, she focused on her other sweet kids, Gideon and Evelyn. However, she has been very good with her TLC fans by sharing regular updates on her current pregnancy. This week, she shared the news she got from the doctor at 33 weeks pregnant.

Counting On Update In March From Joy-Anna Forsyth

In March, the former star took to social media to share news about her pregnancy. At the time, she revealed that her baby boy was doing well. She explained that her checkup didn’t go as expected, and her glucose levels were not where they should be. Naturally, her fans sent in well wishes and expressed their support for her. Actually, glucose imbalance can be corrected, and it’s important as it can cause gestational diabetes.

Fans of Counting On discovered that Joy-Anna Forsyth already revealed the gender of her baby in November 2022. She and Austin made their extended family part of the fun by setting up a giant dartboard with balloons. By popping the balloons, people were able to find out that she expects a boy. So, in her latest update, she didn’t need to reveal that again.  However, fans were able to find out a bit more about her baby this week.

Counting On: Gideon & Evelyn Go With Joy-Anna Forsyth

The reality TV star took her kids, Gideon and Evelyn, along when she saw the doctor at 33 weeks along. She talked about how the scan revealed that her baby has “hair,” and she also showed an adorable little “foot.” The baby seems just fine, and she told her fans that the “doctor said the baby needs time to move around, and hopefully, get his head down.” In fact, before she went there, she did say that she didn’t expect an “induction date” just yet.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Updates At 33 Weeks Pregnant
Joy-Anna Forsyth On YouTube

The Counting On alum also mentioned that “everything is looking good,” and the baby is “pretty big.” All the measurements seem to be where they should be. But, he is at 5 lbs now, and he could end up a lot bigger by the time she has him. For now, the doctor “wants to wait to see if he can get approval for me to get induced early,” Joy said. And, she agrees with that because she does not want to “risk having any sort of rupture.” It might be better to “go into labor naturally.”

TLC Fans React To The Baby News

Counting On fans seem very happy that everything goes well with the pregnancy. @KilaPup said in the comments, “Wonderful news about the growth and progress of your expectant Son … and on your good health too Joy. I am so happy for you and your family.”

Another follower, @pameladonnelson2093 wrote, “So glad you and the baby are healthy. I hope the baby’s birth goes well too. You look good Joy.”

Plenty of similar comments arrived like this one from @carriebarnhart4497: Praise God for his goodness!! I’m so happy to hear all is perfect with baby boy!! Praying for the final weeks of your pregnancy to go smoothly and for a smooth delivery!! 🥰😊”

Are you also feeling happy that things seem to be rolling along just fine for the former TLC star? Shout out in the comments below.

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