OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Drops A NICU Reunion Video Of The Quints

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans can hardly believe that eight years ago, Blayke Busby was just four years old when her sisters, the quints, arrived in the NICU. These days, the girls seem so grown up and their big sister is at middle school already. However, it was a difficult time for Adam and Danielle Busby when they arrived. He stressed about raising six little girls, and Danielle often seemed stressed and tired. But it all worked out, and this year, they went to the Houston Zoo for a NICU reunion.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Revealed That The Quints Love The Zoo

Over the years, the quints and their sister Blayke visited Houston Zoo more than once. Actually, fans saw some footage of them years ago, when they all got tired and grumpy. Sometimes, the family goes to the Interactive Museum and they enjoy that as well. But it was at the Houston Zoo and Aquariums where Hazel met her spirit animal, a sloth. Fans liked that because she seemed so very happy to finally touch a real live sloth.

OutDaughtered fans also saw Hazel interact with an animal at the Interactive Museum. That time, she had a close encounter with a cockatoo. TLC fans laughed because she gave it the side eye when, instead of kissing her, it tried to grab her eyeglasses. So, it seemed like a positively good thing that the kids went to the NICU reunion at the Zoo this year. Actually, the kids never seem to get tired of being at the zoo and learning all about nature.

OutDaughtered Quints Attend The NICU Reunion At The Zoo

When Adam Busby posted up his new video on YouTube this week, he said that the kids have a NICU reunion every year. However, they usually have it “at the Children’s Museum.” But this year, they opted for the Houston Zoo and it was quite a big event. Of course, Blayke also went along and so did their mom, Danielle. Adam said, “We even got to see Ava, Hazel and Olivia’s NICU Level 3 Nurse! What a great night all around!”  

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Drops A NICU Reunion Video Of The Quints
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Of course, the OutDaughtered dad often posts up videos of the girls, and this time, it ran for about 10 minutes, It showed the family all enjoying the fun. Parker loved eating popsicles, and the twins seemed to like the reptiles. Meanwhile, Riley liked the elephants. Actually, Hazel seemed taken with them as well. In fact, the family seemed to be very lucky. Adam said that they had the “run of the Houston Zoo” to themselves with nobody else around. Mind you, they did get a bit lost and separated from some of the others at the reunion.

TLC Fans Comment On The Video

OutDaughtered fans seemed to think it was a lovely experience for the quints. Marilyn F Davis said, “A super good video of celebrating the medical care workers that care so much for babies!!! You are Blessed! 💜.”

Meanwhile, follower friendl hi talked about Blayke and her sisters. They said, “incredible that the quints are almost 8 yrs old – wowowo ❤👍🙏and Blayke is a fullgrown teen princess 🌻🌷🌱💐🌿.”

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