Counting On: Gideon Forsyth Celebrates Another Birthday

Gideon Forsyth

Counting On fans are well aware that Gideon Forsyth and his sister Evelyn will soon get another sibling. While many of Joy-Anna’s social media posts are about her pregnancy, she doesn’t stint on sharing about the other kids. This weekend, she shared a video of Gideon celebrating another birthday.

Counting On: Gideon Forsyth Has A Good Month In February

Gideon was always a towheaded little boy with a big smile. But these days, he’s doubly adorable because he wears eyeglasses. Folks think that they make him look really cute. Additionally, he seems to be very sweet with his sister Evelyn. Of course, fans love that he took to a younger sibling so well. By the time Joy-Anna delivers her third child, he will no doubt be mommy’s little helper with the new addition.

Counting On fans who follow Joy-Anna on YouTube saw that Gideon had a great time in February, the month of his birth. If you don’t know, he arrived in the world on February 23, 2018. Ahead of his birthday, the family flew to Los Angeles and spent time with Jinger and Jeremy. There, Evelyn and Gideon had a blast with their cousins. Actually, he seemed really sad when they had to fly home again. But at least, he could look forward to the fun of celebrating a birthday.

Counting On: Birthday Boy Gideon Forsyth Turned 5

On his birthday last week, his mom shared a sweet photo of Gideon on Instagram. Then, on March 4, she shared a video on her YouTube channel. On her Instagram, she said that her son is “loyal and a great protector of his little sister.” Additionally, he wants to work in construction just like dad, when he grows up. Over on YouTube, he wasn’t thinking about future employment and construction, as he’s still a little kid and he loved his birthday cake.

Counting On Gideon Forsyth
Joy-Anna Forsyth / Instagram

Counting On fans who watched the video that Joy-Anna posted up really liked it. Plenty of comments arrived because he and his sister helped to make the cake. Actually, fans found that out in the first seconds of the video, because Gideon proudly said that he made the cake. Actually, the five-year-old seems to like helping in the kitchen. Perhaps he should re-think that career choice. Anyway, he selected a cake with a  garbage truck on top.

TLC Fans Comment

Counting On fans took to the comments section of the video, which you can see below. One of them said, “I just love that Gideon made his own birthday cake and it was exactly what he wanted. These are the memories that he will always remember. And the ones that let him know that he was loved and valued by his family.”

Another fan who liked the cake-making also commented. They opined, “…I hope all your birthday wishes come true🥳 Also that cake you & Evie made was so cool & looked soooo yummy. I love how the garbage truck dumped all those sprinkles🎉.”

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