7 little Johnstons Spoilers: Amber And Trent Share Exciting News

7 little Johnstons

7 little Johnstons spoilers and updates tease that the family of seven; Trent, Amber, Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex and Emma will be back on April 18th, 2023 for its 13th season and fans couldn’t be happier. This is a great show for families to watch together, Trent and Amber have very strong values while dealing with real life problems.

7 little Johnstons Spoilers – Where They Left Off

Season 12 ended with the Little People of American convention where Joose Jeskanen, their exchange student from Finland, and his mother was attending as well, and they were able to reunite. Jonah hadn’t seen his girlfriend Ashley since they took a break, so was really excited to see her again. They go on a date and he tells her that the break really helped him a lot. Ashely is thrilled, she sees that there is a definitely a change in Jonah for the better. Anna didn’t go to the convention, she stayed home to house sit and took advantage of the time alone to make Brice dinner.

Everyone looks most forward to the dance at the convention. Emma danced with a few boys, but admitted that they just were not her type. Alex felt pressure to meet someone at the conference, because that is how Trent and Amber met. And, he did meet someone, a girl named Allie.

7 little Johnstons

7 little Johnstons Updates – Exciting News

The day before Valentines Day this year, Trent and Amber announced on Instagram that they are planning to give more TLC to their fans. The mom and dad of seven are very excited to be joining Cameo, “we cannot wait to connect with each and every one of you. Whether it be celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.” Trent says he can’t wait to share some of his “dadisms and trentisms (funny one liners).”

Aside from that, Emma and Alex recently celebrated the Lunar New Year, he looked handsome in a blue suit and she in a black sparkly, off the shoulder black dress. Anna recently got the keys to a new home she bought herself, what an accomplishment at her age!

Last fall, the show hit a milestone with 100 episodes and fans can’t wait to see them film 100 more! Fans are really excited about the upcoming season and many of them are hoping to see more of Joose.

Stay tuned to 7 little Johnstons on TLC and keep checking here frequently for all the latest news, updates, and gossip about all your 7 little Johnstons cast and spinoffs!

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