The Little Couple: Photos Reveal Will Klein Enjoying His 13th Birthday In New York

Will Klein

The Little Couple fans met Will Klein on the TLC show after his mom and dad adopted him in China. Will was born in 2010 but became part of Bill and Jen’s family in 2015. Later, he was joined by his little sister, Zoey who came from India. The last time TLC fans saw Will on their screens, he was about seven or eight years old. This weekend, his mom shared photos of him celebrating his 13th birthday in New York.

The Little Couple: Will Klein Is Shooting Up & Getting Mature

Dr. Jen Arnold is quite active on TikTok and often, she shares screenshots from there on her Instagram page. A lot of photos come of Zoey who is now in double digits, and Will, a real teenager. Actually, it’s hard for fans to think of Will not being a cute little kid anymore. Each time a photo of him appears on social media, they gasp with shock to see that he’s not a little boy and really has become a young man. In fact, he looks about the same height as his dad these days.

The Little Couple fans were also shocked when they saw Will and Jen on TikTok in October last year. They’d just moved into their new home in Boston. Standing next to his mom, Will looked so mature. In fact, some fans claimed that he looked like a college student. Of course, he is a little person, so he’s shorter than average-sized people, but the maturity and strength show in his face and shoulders. When he turned 13 this month, a lot of fans were delighted to see the handsome young man enjoying himself in New York.

The Little Couple: Will Has A Wonderful Birthday In New York

Jen Arnold took a lot of photos of her son and Zoey in New Work. One of them showed Zoey had been shopping and we’re willing to bet she spoiled her older brother. Another photo showed Will with his trademark smile that fans love so much. Celebrating his birthday in a restaurant, Will looked old enough to actually pay the bill for his own party. Then a photo of the family standing together revealed that he grew so tall, that he makes his mom look even tinier than she really is.

The Little Couple Photos Reveal Will Klein Enjoying His 13th Birthday In New York
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple mom captioned her slide show with, “Happy 13th birthday Will.”  Clearly, the whole family made his birthday very special. Some fans loved that Zoey got the opportunity to go shopping. One of them wrote, “Hhmmm May have been Wills birthday, but Zoe got her shop on!!! 🙌🙌”

Another follower said, “WOW 13!!! I still remember watching the episode when you guys bought him home, may God continue to bless you all!!! Happy Birthday Will!!!”

Time Flies By

The Little Couple fans who saw the photos can’t get over how time has flown by. Somehow, it feels like they blinked and when they looked back, Will had changed instantly into a young man. A fan commented, “Happy Birthday Will … when did he become a young man?? 🎂🎊🎂.”

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