Adam And Danielle Faced A Lot Of Conflicts As They Try To Have A Special Family Day

Adam and Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered spoilers, news, and updates tease that Adam and Danielle Busby needed to split their plans as their planned family day coincides with the school dance of Blayke.

In a recent episode, Adam and Danielle attended a cooking class for their date and to celebrate Danielle’s 39th birthday. It didn’t turn out the way they had hoped because of several misunderstandings between the couple.

Because of their conflict, Adam suggested having a camping adventure with their kids to make up for the ruined date they had.

Outdaughtered Spoilers – Conflicts started to arise

The girls were happy about Adam’s plan; however, Danielle was not excited about the idea because she didn’t like camping. But she said that she would agree if it were a glamping instead of the traditional camping.

Glamping is a more glamorous type of camping, hence the name. You would use bigger tents (with actual beds sometimes instead of sleeping bags) and better “facilities” compared to traditional camping, where you have to be resourceful.

Adam and Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered Updates – Blayke’s Dance And The Camping Trip

Adam agreed to this. But another problem has come to light: Blayke’s school dance coincides with their planned adventure trip. The couple decided to divide and conquer – as they usually do with their six daughters.

Danielle attended Blayke’s school dance, while Adam went to his parents.

The couple decided that they would just meet at the location of their camping the day after Blayke’s dance. And the problems never stop piling up as when they reached the camping site, Adam discovered that Danielle’s glamping tent was infested with bugs.

Adam immediately cleaned the tent before Danielle and Blayke arrived. Adam also planned to take the girls out for fishing so that they could have dinner that night, but he was losing his patience. What can you expect with six girls – and five of them are 7-year-olds!

Danielle took Adam’s impatience as funny because she could see that her husband was trying to have a great experience with this adventure. And not to mention that he was trying to make up for the disastrous cooking class.

We can’t wait to see more adventures of the Busbys! Now that Blayke is twelve years old and about to be a teenager, and the quints are now eight years old. We expect more chaos as the girls grow older.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Outdaughtered right now. Come back here often for Outdaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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