7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Liz Johnston is Faking Her Relationship With Brice Bolden?

Liz Johnston

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that there are fans who think that Liz Johnston has been lying about her relationship with Brice Bolden.

Liz and Brice’s relationship has been featured on the show and the couple was ready to move in together and start their life in the same home.

Of course, her parents weren’t exactly excited when she told them that they wanted to live together, but some fans think that they have been faking their relationship for fans.

Why do they think that? Let’s look closer at the hints that fans have seen online.

7 Little Johnstons Spoilers – Social Media Hints

When the latest season of 7 Little Johnstons premiered, Liz had pretty much wiped all evidence of Brice off of her Instagram account.

This began to fuel the rumors that they were no longer together. However, when Brice was asked about Liz on his social media accounts, he told his fans that they were still together and going strong.

In fact, Brice was seen in some family photos that Amber Johnston had posted and some fans thought that they saw an engagement ring on Liz’s finger in a recent photo.

Liz Johnston

With all of the rumors swirling around, Redditors wanted to share one of the hints that they saw on social media.

This hint made them believe that Liz has been faking the drama by deleting all of Brice’s pictures from Instagram.

The photo in question was shared by Amber for a huge birthday celebration. There were quite a few family members featured in the photo, but Redditors pointed out that Brice was there too.

7 Little Johnstons Updates – What Redditors Think

One Redditor shared the photo and wrote, “I know it may not mean anything… but it’s kinda weird to be there (and next to Liz) if they’ve broken up, doesn’t it?”

Another added, “Most likely just drama for the show! She’s also conveniently covering her left hand (there were rumors she was spotted with an engagement ring).”

From the looks of it, most of these Redditors feel as if Liz is just trying to start drama that will possibly be used on the show in the next season.

There were fans who mentioned that they think it is all fake since the show is“getting boring” and they are “tired of the old storylines.”

We will have to wait and see if Liz or Brice make any more updates on their relationship. It looks as if they are still together or at least he is still attending Johnston family functions.

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