7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Liz Johnston Gets Hate For Treatment Of Her Baby

Liz Johnston

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that fans are a little nervous about how Liz and Amber Johnston have been treating Liz’s new baby, Leighton.

Liz gave birth to Leighton back in November and she and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden were thrilled to start their family. Of course, Liz’s fans were so happy when she gave birth and they have helped her celebrate by showing love for her.

However, recently her fans showed their concern about the way that Liz and her mother have been treating Leighton. Let’s find out more.

Why Are Fans Worried?

Leighton, who is now six weeks old, was seen with Amber for a special celebration. Liz and Amber have tried to hide her face on social media because they don’t feel the need to show her off right now.

As long as Liz is still on 7 Little Johnstons though, Leighton’s face will more than likely appear on the show.

Liz Johnston

As much as fans love to see new photos of Leighton, they are pretty nervous about how Liz may be putting her in danger. It began when Liz was seen feeding her baby milk with a spoon.

This bothered a lot of fans, but some nurses weighed in on why they thought Liz would do this. Some nurses do this in the NICU if the mother doesn’t have enough colostrum. After seeing this, more and more fans began to weigh in on Leighton’s life.

The Dangerous Situations

Liz and her family decided to go check out the Christmas light at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. The photo was shared all over Reddit and fans noticed that they were all in the car together, but Leighton was being held by Liz and not in a car seat.

One Redditor wrote, “No car seat?! Did they take the baby out of the car seat just for the photo op? I hope there’s a car seat back there.”

One more added, “I don’t care if they are driving slow, off of the main road, or just taking her out for a feeding. If you have a platform as big as they do, you DO NOT post a photo of a newborn in a car, not a car seat. Period.”

There have been some of Liz’s fans who have spoken up for her. They mentioned that other fans needed to calm down because they were in a parked car and more than likely getting out to go check out the lights.

Then they said that this Christmas light display has patrons sitting in their cars while they wait to see the full attraction.

It does look as if fans are all on the fence about this latest post, but the women enjoyed the Christmas lights nonetheless.

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