Little People Big World Starlet Lilah Roloff Picks A Favorite

Lilah Roloff

Little People Big World starlet, Lilah Roloff just picked a favorite and it might upset her mom, Tori. The little girl is growing up fast and she seems to be quite a determined child. Clearly, she knows what she wants. So, what’s happening with kid from the TLC show at the moment? Read on to find out.

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff Has Started Pre-K

Going off to Pre-K is a big deal for every child and their parents. At first, Tori seemed concerned as she did some speech therapy with her daughter. Additionally, the cute kid struggled to meet a few other milestones as she grew up. In fact, it turned out that she did just fine at school, and only complained about needing to wear a name tag. So that’s probably a big relief for the family.

The Little People Big World kid probably learned some of that confidence because her mom and dad sent her to dance school. In fact, she did so well, that she felt brave enough to perform in a dance recital. The whole family watched her, and Zach seemed really proud. This week, he talked about that same confidence when he revealed the favorite that she chose. Furthermore, it seems that she’s getting a little bit sassy.

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff Picking A Favorite Parent?

Zach Rloff seldom posts anything on social media, but he loved the choice that his daughter made this week. So, he quickly shared some news. On September 14, he took to his Instagram and shared about Lilah.  First, he chose a very sweet photo of her wearing a pink bow in her hair. Behind her sat her baby brother, Josiah perched on his high chair. Zach said in his caption, “So the last two school days for Lilah I picked her up and she comes running out so excited! “

Little People Big World Starlet Lilah Roloff Picks A Favorite
Zach Roloff / Instagram

The Little People Big World dad continued by saying, “Today Tori picked her up and she waved to Tori and was so excited but then told her teacher, “I’m going to wait for my dad!” Everyone say a little prayer for Tori today 😉 ♥️.” While TLC fans might think that Lilah’s a mommy’s girl, it seems that might not be the case. However, Tori didn’t seem to mind. She also commented along with fans. She said, “She sure loves her daddy!! 🤍🤍.”

TLC Fans Comment

Little People Big World fans joined in on the conversation. One of them wrote, “Aww she is a daddy’s girl. Thinking of you Tori.”

Meanwhile, Zach’s mom, Amy said, “Oh no 😂. My heart and prayers do go out to her. 💗

What do you think of little Lilah picking her dad Zach as her favorite parent to fetch her from school? Is she becoming a daddy’s girl? Let us know in the comments below.

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