LPBW Fans Vent: Tori Roloff Looks Like A Homeless Mama?

Tori Roloff

Little People Big World, (LPBW) star Tori Roloff lives on a rural property in Washington, so it might be okay for her to slop around in jeans at home. However, she admitted that she doesn’t always dress up when she leaves the house. Does she look like some “homeless mama” when she ventures out? Read on to find out why fans are venting.

Tori Roloff Sometimes Runs The Kids To School

Between them, Zach and his wife seem to take turns running the kids to school and then collecting them. Lilah started Pre-K this year and she’s got a very definite choice when it comes to who her favorite parent is. Perhaps she’s shocked by the way her mom dresses. Recently, she told her mom that she’d rather wait for her dad to fetch her than go home with her own mother. While fans think that’s hilarious, sometimes Little People Big World critics slap at Zach’s wife.

Tori Roloff doesn’t get as much hate as Audry Roloff, but she does find critics. Mostly, they take aim at her untidy house. However, with three little ones, it can’t be easy to always keep the place spick and span. Another thing that irritates TLC fans is when she talks about how stay-at-home moms are busy all day. The reason for that criticism is because all of the things she does, less well-off people do as well. And, they put in a full workday at a real job.

Tori Roloff Dresses Like A ‘Homeless Mama?’

On September 21, Zach’s wife took to her Instagram profile page. There, she shared a video of herself. In it, she wore a  blue sweater and a cap. While she spoke, she sipped on a beverage. She said in her caption, “Rolling in looking like a homeless mama. ✌🏼who is else is there with me?” That came after she said that she sees other moms dropping off their kids for school, and they “look like runway models.” Meanwhile, the LPBW star claimed, “I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet. “

LPBW Tori Roloff Looks Like A Homeless Mama
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Did Tori Roloff get trolled for saying that? Oh yes, she certainly did get slammed by TLC fans. She might have even been jesting, but she made some people really angry. One of them said, “I usually enjoy your content. Not this time. Be grateful you are not homeless. Extremely insensitive.”

Another disguised follower wrote, “I was someone who was once homeless many times and living out their car with their child while having a full time job and dressing like I had a full time job. you need a touch of reality and a dose of empathy (you’re Christian, right?) Just because we are displaced doesn’t mean we don’t care about our appearance.”

More Little People, Big World Fans React

Tori Roloff stepped on a lot of toes and she got lambasted. Here is another angry comment:

Unfollow. What a horrible post. We have families living in tents at the moment with both parents working full time jobs because of the inability to find affordable housing.”


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