Little People Big World Starlet Lilah Roloff Has Her First Dance Recital

Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans are head over heels for Tori’s second child, Lilah Roloff. Like her brother Jackson, Lilah often garners a lot of attention on social media, and fans get to see her on the show. Much like Jackson, she seems to have a personality that’s just as strong. Now, she’s hit a new milestone that has fans gushing over the adorable tot. This weekend, she had her very first dance recital.

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff Started Dance Class

Initially,  Lilah Roloff appeared to be delayed in reaching her milestones. While fans noticed that she took a long time to sit up on her own, she eventually began crawling. Still, she struggled to walk without help, and it took a while before she was fully mobile. However, she has grown into a confident three-year-old and started taking dance classes just over a year ago. Often, she amuses fans and her family with her dancing antics at home. Certainly, it seems like dancing classes have aided her confidence levels.

Fans of Little People, Big World couldn’t help but gush when the first picture of Lilah dressed for dancing rolled out last year. In that photo, she looked absolutely adorable in her black leotard. When it was time for her to attend her first dance class, Lilah seemed a bit reticent and spent most of the time sitting alone. However, soon enough, she adapted to her surroundings and began joining in. This weekend, her mom announced that her daughter would be participating in her first dance recital.

Little People Big World: Pretty Lilah In Pink For Dance Recital

On Sunday, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram and shared a few photos of Lilah in her little pink dance costume.

She said:

Today is a big day for Lilah Girl!!

Today is her first dance recital! I have loved watching her find something she loves!! She has gained so much confidence because of dance and I’m forever grateful to her teacher and studio for helping her feel comfortable and safe!

Who knows if she’ll go out on stage today, but either way I’m so proud of her and all she’s accomplished!

Let’s go dance Lilah Bean! 🩰.”

Little People Big World Starlet Lilah Roloff Has Her First Dance Recital
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Later, the Little People Big World star updated her post and told her fans, “SHE DID IT!!!!! 🎉🤍🩰.” In her Stories, the TLC star also mentioned that Amy Roloff and her own mom attended the recital as well. So did one-year-old Josiah and his brother, Jackson. Lilah’s dad, Zach was also there. Well, it was probably a difficult time for Tori who obviously hoped that her middle child would have the confidence to dance in front of an audience.

TLC Fans Reacted To The Post

Little People Big World fans said some encouraging things to Tori before the recital. One of them wrote, “She will surprise you, Tori! My baby girl started ballet about 29 years ago and she is still doing it at 31! I know the butterflies you are feeling as her mom! She will do great! Good luck! Keep dancing sweet Lilah! ❤️👏.”

Well, it turns out that she did go great on the day of her first recital, and Tori sounds thrilled about it.

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