Little People, Big World Spoilers: Jeremy Roloff Shares With Fans That They’ve ‘Been Programmed’

Jeremy Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are, once again, giving Jeremy Roloff more hate for his recent post on Instagram.

Jeremy doesn’t post quite as often as his wife, Audrey Roloff, but when he does, fans are often left scratching their heads.

Jeremy has recently been posting about health and wellness and has shared some interesting medical advice. Now he has started to talk about how people are being ‘programmed’.

Let’s find out what he said and how his fans have started to react to him.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Jeremy Roloff’s Latest Revelation

In a recent post on Instagram, Jeremy wrote, “Are your minds being programmed in the same direction? On a basic level, realigning your software could be simply reviewing the week ahead. On a deeper level, it could do with narrative that you believe, faith structures, goals, etc. Narratives are stories and we all live out lives based on the stories we believe.”

He went on about how we should live our lives much simpler and we would be able to reach our goals and make ourselves happier.

He added,“Conclusion. Recognize you are being programmed in a healthy or non-healthy way all day every day and don’t forget to check in once in a while with your spouse! A unified home is a healthy home. This simple question might help: ‘What’s one thing you’re thinking about that I don’t know about?'”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World  Updates – Redditors React To Jeremy Roloff’s Post

As soon as Redditors saw this post, they were certain that his wife wrote it for him. One shared, “She wrote this for him 100%! A control freak like her would never allow him to write anything without heavy supervision.” There were some Redditors that mentioned how they thought he was working his way to becoming a ‘cult leader’ or a ‘life coach.’

Some of these Redditors also mentioned that they thought he was doing mushrooms when he came up with this message.

Another Redditor took a different stance on the post and added, “This is a real load of horse s**t.

This is coming from someone completely caught up in his vanity and his image and never stops trying to make a buck off of whatever kind of pyramid scheme they can.

Anyone that pays money into their scams needs to rethink what they are actually doing with their dollars.”

It seems as if Jeremy’s followers and these Redditors have some harsh words for Jeremy. The message seemed as if it was trying to be helpful, but none of these fans took it that way.

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