Sister Wives Star Mykelti Is Finally Home – Avalon Photo-Bombs

Mykelti Padron

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is often the first to drop spoilers about what going on in the lives of her family. In fact, TLC fans found out the family went to the UK when she posted about having a problem with breast milk. That is because she left the twins and Avalon at home in Lehi, Utah. Now that she is back, Tony Padron is delighted, and their little girl photo-bombed their reunion.

Sister Wives – Mykelti Padron Went to Ireland & The Uk For Weeks

Tony seems to be very good with the kids, and when Christine Brown took some of her kids and David Woolley to Ireland, he stayed at home and babysat. A lot of photos arrived from the family who did the trip. They included Aspyn and her husband Mitch, Ysabel, and Truely. Paedon didn’t seem to be with them, and neither was Gwen. However, they flew to the UK soon after Gwen married Beatriz, so they might have been on their own honeymoon.

Sister Wives fans know that Avalon is very cute and she gets on extremely well with her father. Sometimes, he takes her hiking with him. At other times, they go on rides because she seems quite fearless. All in all, Mykleti is a great mom, but Tony has really stepped up as a dad as well. Certainly, not every dad would be happy to have his wife travel for weeks while he stayed home and looked after three little kids.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Arrives Home From The UK

When his wife got home, she was quick to take a photo of them together and Tony Padron posted it up on his Instagram. In his caption, he wrote, “Man I love that my wife is back from her trip! I missed her! So did the kids. They were like suctioned onto her. Like here Avalon is photo bombing haha. #familybacktogether #dreamteam.” Actually, right at the bottom of the photo, their little girl looked up with a big grin on her face.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Is Finally Home - Avalon Photo-Bombs
@tonychessnut / Instagram

Sister Wives fans thought the photo looked very sweet. Furthermore, they seemed impressed that Tony had looked after the kid during Mykelti’s trip. One of them wrote, “Mykelti! I am so happy that you got to spend that time with your family! You are a hard working Mama and deserve it. You two look fantastic. 💪 you have the cutest family ❤️. Tony & his family are awesome and took care of those babies with loving care. 🥰 I bet everyone was happy to have Mama home❤️.’

Giving Time To Mom

Sister Wives fans love that Tony gave his wife the space to do what she needed to do; be with her mom and her other siblings on their memory-making trip. A TLC follower wrote, “I’m glad you can allow her to have that time alone that she needs! Your (sic) a great team!”

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