Sister Wives: Tony & Mykelti Padron Celebrate Avalon’s Birthday Early

Mykelti and Tony

Sister Wives fans fell in love with little Avalon Padron when her mom and dad, Mykelti and Tony introduced her. For a start, they loved that her name came from King Arthur and the Round Table. Over the last two years, she’s grown into a cute kid, and nowadays, she’s the big sister to the twins, Ace and Archer. This weekend, her parents celebrated her birthday a few days early. Recall, she arrived on April 5 in 2021.

Sister Wives Star Christine Was Thrilled When Avalon Padron was Born

Christine Brown was such a proud grandmother when Mykelti gave birth to Avalon. Until then, the only grandkids were Maddie Brown’s. Actually, Evie K was born nearly two full years before Avalon. Although the wives all play a role as grandmothers to all the grandchildren, Avalon was the first in Christine’s direct bloodline. Plenty of photos came along, at the time, and TLC fans were very happy for the little family.

Sister Wives fans see more of the kids via Avalon’s dad’s Instagram, these days. Actually, they see a lot more of him as well. Last season, he featured quite a lot on the TLC show. Additionally, they welcomed their twin sons, and he loves posting photos of them. However, he also shares more about his daughter. And, the news that they celebrated her birthday early, came on his Instagram this weekend.

Sister Wives: Avalon Padron Has Fun At Her Birthday Party

When Tony shared photos about the early birthday celebration, he posted up a nice photo of himself and Mykelti with their daughter. Notably, folks were not all that sure whether they should congratulate him on his short hair and weight loss, or talk about Avalon. However, most people managed some congrats for the cute kid. One of the photos showed her with cake frosting on her face.

Sister Wives Tony and Mykelti Padron Celebrate Avalon Birthday Early
Tony Padron / Instagram

The Sister  Wives star wrote in his caption, “We are having a fantastic time celebrating Avalon’s Birthday with My Family! Not gonna lie she’s growing up faster than i would like.”  Perhaps they celebrated on the weekend because other people might have been at work on April 5. Not that Avalon looked unhappy about it. Any time is a good time to eat frosting, after all. Especially if you happen to be two years old.

TLC Fans Comment

Sister  Wives fans took to the comments section of the post. One of them wrote, “Happy birthday Avalon from the North East of England! Look at the proud parents! Wow, you’ve lost loads of weight! What’s the secret?”

Another one penned, “You guys are the cutest couple… I wish you decades and decades, and generations and generations of happiness.”

More comments followed like this one: “Happy bday Avalon,,,hope it was amazing.” 

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