Sister Wives: Avalon Padron Gets Her Mom Mykelti To Sit Down

Avalon Padron

Sister Wives fans focus on Mykelti and Tony Padron’s twins right now, but Avalon isn’t forgotten. Soon, the cute kid will turn two, and she’s already gotten to be The Boss. On Friday, her dad revealed that she got her mom to sit down because Avalon wanted her to. So, what happened? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives: Mykelti And Avalon Padron Get Inventive

Since the twins, Archer and Ace arrived in the family, Tony has been posting on social media more often than usual. So has Christine Brown, the proud grandmother of three. Of course, she also considers herself the grandma of Maddie’s kids, Axel, Evie, and Josephine Lee. In January, Christine shared a photo of herself and Mykelti with the twins. She gushed about spending a lot of time with them. Notably, she didn’t mention Avalon. However, Avalon’s mom keeps her daughter engaged and they still bond through play.

Sister Wives fans who follow Tony and Mykelti often see videos or photos of Avalon playing with her mom. They get inventive and until recently, her favorite was when her mom became a Dino Mamasaurus. Around the room went Mykelti, while her daughter sat on top of her. However, this time, she decided that it was her mom’s turn to sit. Fortunately, they weren’t playing at being Dinos this time, so Avalon didn’t have to carry Mykelti around the room.

Sister Wives Kiddo Avalon Padron Gets Mykelti To Sit Down

Avalon seems to have a strong personality like her cousin, Evie. One can almost imagine her telling Mykelti “to sit down,” or “take a seat.” Maybe she even told her to “stay in your lane.” Her dad, Tony explained on Friday, “I went to a special local toy store. I got Avalon this toy and rather than ride it She thought it would be more fun to push mom around haha 😂.”

Sister Wives Avalon Padron Gets Her mom Mykelti To Sit Down
Tony Padron / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who saw the video on Instagram thought that it looked very cute. At the end of her ride, Mykelti went and bumped into a cupboard. Clearly, Avalon Brush thought the game was the best thing ever. One follower commented, saying, “So cute. ❤️❤️ Avalon is having a blast.”

Meanwhile, another fan said, “Wait until she puts the baby boys in it 🤣🤣🤣 get their helmets ready! 💙💙💜.” Actually, the little boss will no doubt, get to push the boys around when they get a bit older.

Little Playmates

Sister Wives fans look forward to the day when the twins become old enough to be playmates for Avalon. While she enjoys playing with her mom, the sweet kid will probably love running around with her brothers.  Maybe she’ll teach them how to play Dino Sistersauraus.

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