Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Celebrates A Birthday – How Old is She?

Truely Brown

For the Brown family from Sister Wives, the early part of each year is getting busier with more birthdays. Gwendlyn Brown’s sister Truely celebrated a birthday on April 13. Recently, Gwen’s fiance Beatriz also had a birthday. Ysabel was born in March, and of course, most people know that Kody was born in January. And there are more early-in-the-year birthdays to remember.

Sister Wives – Avalon Padron Had A Birthday Close To Truely Brown

Myelti Padron’s daughter, Avalon is Truely Brown’s niece, and she celebrated an early birthday with the family this year. Her birthday is on April 5 and she just turned two years old. Actually, Janelle also managed to make it to the celebrations. Well, the family also celebrated  Kody’s sixth child, Hunter who was born on Feb. 9, 1997.  Meanwhile, Garrison’s birthday was just a few days ago. Plus, Ysabel celebrated her birthday in early March.

Sister Wives fans saw that recently, Aspyn Brown also had a birthday in March and Mykelti shared some photos to honor her sister. Well, the latest birthday is that of Truely, but did she get lost in the midst of the announcement that her mom, Christine got engaged to David Woolley? If you don’t know, TLC and Christine made the announcement on the day Truely celebrated her birthday in 2023.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Remembers Truely’s Birthday

Gwen, David Woolley, Ysabel, and more of the cast shared about the engagement on April 13. But Gwendlyn didn’t forget her little sister. Did you know that Truely was born on April 13 and she was the 13th child of Kody Brown? Well, she was lucky to make it as far as 2023 because she nearly died from kidney failure after she got dehydrated as a four-year-old. Gwen shared a nice photo of her sister which you can see below.

Sister Wives Star Truely Brown Celebrates A Birthday How Old is She
Gwendlyn Brown On Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star shared a photo that showed Truely wearing a multi-colored stop. She wasn’t smiling, but Christine’s youngest daughter has developed a deadpan face that also accompanies a lot of humor. Ysabel also shared a photo of Truely on her Stories, and that one was a flashback to much younger days. Of course, TTC fans are used to Kody Brown not posting anything on any birthdays. In fact, in the last few years, he only shared about separations from his various wives who left him.

How Old Is Truely Now?

Sister Wives fans might be shocked to realize that Truely Brown just turned 13 years old. After all, they watched her grow up on the show. Actually, they even saw her birth in Season 1.

Can you believe that Truely is now officially a teenager? Let us know in the comments below.

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