Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shouts Out David Woolley With Truely

Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans are well aware of David Woolley’s recent engagement to Christine Brown. However, they felt a bit upset that the engagement announcement coincided with Truely’s 13th birthday, overshadowing her special day. Nevertheless, David appears to be putting in a lot of effort to be a father figure to Kody’s third youngest child. Over the weekend, Christine gave him a shout-out on her Instagram account, showing her approval of his role in her daughter’s life.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Fiance David Woolley Enters Truely’s Life Late

At 13, Truely is a teenager, and almost every parent on the planet knows that teens go through some turbulent times. The message that TLC fans got about Truely, is that she wasn’t particularly keen on her dad, Kody. Remember the season when he forced his daughter to go beyond her comfort zone? That was when he insisted that she learn to ride a bike, and she retorted that it’s her body, and she’ll do what she chooses with it. More recently, fans saw her in an awkward situation with Kody when he seemed to bully her for looking forward to the move to Utah. Now, she has to adapt to a new father figure in David.

Sister Wives fans heard early on that Christine liked the fact that David Woolley seems to get on very well with Truely. Well, since her mom and David got together, TLC fans have seen them out and about doing family-orientated fun. Disney and more have been featured in their lives. This weekend, they are spending time with Savanah and Janelle in Moab, Utah. There, it looks like David did a great job when Truely ran into a few problems. So, Christine gave him a big shoutout on Instagram.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Helps Out Truely Brown

On Saturday, Christine took to her Instagram and shared some photos of a hill in Utah. Taken from far away, TLC fans could barely hardly make out the figures of Truely and David. However, she clarified in her caption:

One of the reasons I love David so much! Truely was stuck on a hill and he climbed up to help her then patiently taught her how to climb down by herself. #encouraging #empowering #lookclosely #myman.”

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shouts Out David Woolley With Truely
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans loved to see that David invested time in Christine’s daughter. After all, if he had just rescued her,  she wouldn’t have learned from the experience. Naturally, the two parenting styles between Kody and David were compared. Where Kody might have gotten impatient, it seems that David took a different approach.

TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans who commented seemed pleased for Truely. One of them said, “It’s always so wonderful to have a man who understands children ❤️.”

Meanwhile, another follower opined, “It’s what has been missing. ❤️❤️the other had no time for his kids!!”

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