Sister Wives Mykelti Padron Shouts Out Aspyn On Her Birthday

Mykelti Padron

Sister Wives star Christine Brown mainly had daughters and Aspyn Brown was her first-born of them. Actually, she’s the second child in the large family and arrived a year after Janelle’s son Logan. Mykelti Padron was born to Christine and Kody a few years after Aspyn, and they seem like quite different characters. This week, a photo emerged on social media of the two sisters when Mykelti shouted out Aspyn on her birthday.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Seems Close To Aspyn Thompson

Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron live near the Salt Lake City area. Apparently, it’s not a long drive to get to see her sister Aspyn. In fact, spoilers revealed that these days, Christine lives close to Aspyn as well. Possibly, with all three women living close to each other, Apsyn helps out Mykelti with Avalon and the twins. Aspyn and her husband Mitch Thompson don’t yet have their own children and it seems that she’s not all that keen on having any.

Sister Wives fans seldom see photos of Aspyn unless they come from her mom. At one stage, she was very active on social media but went private years ago. Actually, TLC fans seldom see her on the show either. So in many ways. she’s a bit of a mystery. Naturally, when Mykelti shouted out her sister on her birthday, fans were happy to see it. Furthermore, they had a giggle when they saw the way Mykelti stood with her sister. Both of them grew up on the show, but for a while, neither of them were all that active on social media platforms.

Sister Wives Mykelti’s Shoutout With Amusing Pose For Aspyn

After her sister turned 28 years old on March 14, TLC fans started to comment on the photos that Mykelti posted. That’s because she hugged her sister and looked like she was trying to climb up her tall and lean body. In her caption, Mykelti wrote, “Nope I don’t know how to pose normally but that’s besides the point HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST SISTER”

Sister Wives Mykelti Padron Shouts Out Aspyn On Her Birthday
Mykelti Padron / Instagram

Like her mom, the Sister Wives star seems to enjoy using hashtags to say more about her photos. This time, Mykelti wrote, “#lovesthiscutie” and “#shestheliteralbest.” Actually, all of Christine’s daughters seem to be very closer to each other. Meanwhile, her only son, Paedon seems to get along with all of them except for Gwendlyn. Recall, he admitted that when they were younger he hit her during an argument and she’s never forgiven him.

TLC Fans React To The Birthday Shoutout

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section and many of them said “happy birthday” to Aspyn Thompson. Meanwhile, others talked about how attractive the daughters of Christine are. But others enjoyed seeing Mykelti’s amusing pose. One of them wrote, “Why be normal when you were born to stand out, I love that you enjoy life. Keep being you ❤️.”

What do you think of Mykelti posting such a unique photo of herself with her sister Aspyn on her birthday? Do you like that she stands out in a sea of adult kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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