Sister Wives: Avalon Padron Discovers The Fascination Of Nature

Avalon Padron

Sister Wives fans love to see that as Mykelti and Tony Padron’s daughter Avalon is growing up, she’s developing a curious nature. The big sister of the twins, Archer and Ace is a very sweet big sister to her brothers, and she constantly delights her mom, dad, and her grandmother, Christine Brown. This week, her mom revealed that Avalon discovered a fascination with nature.

Sister Wives Kiddo Avalon Padron Loves Imagination Play

In April, Avalon turned two years old and her birthday was a special event. Held a bit early, her spiritual grandmother, Janelle was able to attend. One photo showed her with frosting smeared on her face, and of course, TLC fans loved it. Actually, her dad, Tony really seems to have come out of his shell since the arrival of his children. For a long time, he seldom posted anything on his Instagram. But these days, he often shows Avalon and his cute baby boys.

Not long ago, Tony, who returned to Sister Wives, revealed his daughter playing with Mykelti. Mounted on her mom’s back, the adorable kiddo enjoyed riding around the sitting room. Well, she seems to be right on time to enjoy imagination-based play. In the caption, he revealed that Avalon believed that she was riding a “Mamasaurus.” This week, she moved away from fantasy and into the real world when she interacted with nature in her Aunt Aspyn’s backyard.

Sister Wives: Avalon Padron Discovers Nature

This week Mykelti took to her main Instagram profile page and shared some photos of Avalon’s encounter with the ladybugs. In the photo, the twins sat on the grass, while Avalon showed off a colorful little beetle. In the caption, it said, “Miss Avalon discovered a gentle creature. Playing in Aspyn’s backyard and a little lady bug mad[e] their appearance.” While fans thought it was cute, Aspyn’s husband, Mitch said, “And then she crushed it.” Hopefully, he was joking, but as one follower added, “toddlers” really can be “savages.”

Sister Wives Avalon Padron Discovers The Fascination Of Nature
Mykelti Padron / Instagram

If the little Sister Wive star really crushed the beetle, hopefully, her mom took the time to explain how special those cute little beetles are. Actually, they are not only cute but also beneficial for the environment. They help control pests like aphids and mites that can damage plants and crops. Additionally, many cultures view them as bringing good luck. Anyway, it seemed likely that she didn’t crush it because she looked absolutely fascinated by the beetle.

TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans commented about the beetle bug, but they also talked about how sweet the whole family seems to be. One of them wrote, “You and Tony look fantastic and your children are beautiful.”

Meanwhile, others thought that Mykelti was actually her sister Aspyn as she lost so much weight. A follower said, “Me not reading the caption like “OMG YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ASPEN IN THIS PICTURE “ 😂” Well, the likeness is strong and some people actually don’t think that the beetle was being shown to Mykelti.

What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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