Sister Wives Kiddo Avalon Padron Enjoys Some Fantasy Fun With Mom

Avalon Padron

Sister Wives fans see that Tony Padron and His Wife, Mykelti Brown raise the cutest kids, Ace, Archer, and Avalon Padron. Although the twins only arrived recently, her parents make sure to spend time with Avalon who is a very sweet big sister to the boys. This week, she got some dedicated mom time and they enjoyed some fantasy fun. Tony, who seems like a great dad shared about it on his social media.

Sister Wives Fans Love To See Photos Of Avalon Padron

Mykelti’s first baby arrived in April of 2021 and TLC fans were very taken with her name.  As expected, her grandmother, Christine Brown was thrilled. Additionally, Robyn managed to attend the birth remotely and Kody Brown later met his grandaughter in person. On that occasion, he took along Robyn’s kids, Breanna and Aurora. While he didn’t share photos of his grandchild, Christine certainly did and she couldn’t have looked happier. Of course, these days, she’s got a lot more things to be happy about, as the twins arrived safely.

When the twins came along. Mykelti Padron told her Sister Wives fans that her daughter was a bit depressed. In fact, an only child can suffer a bit of anxiety when a new baby arrives. Recall, when Maddie Brown Brush welcomed Evie, Axel regressed and went onto his pacifier again. However, both kids got over it. Probably, Mykleti and Tony make a big effort to let Avalon know that she’s still special, so she had fun with her mom this week.

Sister Wives – Avalon Padron Has Fantasy Fun With Mykelti

The cute little girl is going on two years old now, and kids that age have wonderful imaginations. So, the look on her face was priceless when her mom got down and played with her. Tony took some video shots of her crawling around on the floor with Avalon on her back. In his text overlay, he wrote, “Avalon on her favorite ride Mamasaurus.” These days, Dinos seem to be the favorite of every little kid, which might explain why Tony called his wife a “Mamasaurus.”

Sister Wives Kiddo Avalon Padron Enjoys Some Fantasy Fun With Mom
Tony Padron / Instagram

Sister Wives fans might imagine that Tony and Mykleti allow her to watch cartoons or movies with not-too-terrifying Dinos in them. CNN reported that “Dr. Arthur Lavin [is the] chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on the Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health.” According to him, kids start to go “through a period of hyperfixation.” Lavin explained that this leads to them messing about with  “imagination-based play,” where they become “deeply interested in subjects like fairies, monsters, or in some cases, dinosaurs.”

Still Young, But It Looks Like Fun

The Sister Wives kiddo isn’t at the typical age where they do imagination-based play, as kids usually start at about three years old. However, Avalon certainly seems to be really keen on riding her Dino Mamasaurus.

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