7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Emma Johnston Is Getting Hate For Online Scamming, What Is She Doing?

Emma Johnston

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that Emma Johnston has started to get hate for some of her actions online. She has been very active on social media and it turns out that even some of her family members feel as if she could be scamming her fans.

What is she doing? Let’s take a closer look at what happened and her family isn’t standing up for her.

The Johnstons’ Side Hustles

No matter how much money they are making off of the show, it turns out that the Johnston kids have quite the entrepreneurial skills.

Emma’s brother, Alex Johnston has been selling his origami online, as well as Emma and Anna Johnston, who both have Etsy shops where they sell their handmade jewelry.

Of course, their fans feel that they would not have the success that they do if they weren’t on a reality television show.

Emma Johnston

All three of them advertise their items on social media and are constantly posting new items for fans to purchase.

Even though Emma has a lot of fans and customers, it turns out that her customers are not all satisfied with her products.

In fact, one decided that they would share their thoughts on Emma’s business venture and how they feel like it is a complete scam.

Why do they feel like it is a scam? It turns out that she may not be making these items at all.

Redditors Speak Out

One Redditor had shown some interest in Emma’s jewelry, so they checked out her website. They didn’t like what they saw though.

They wrote, “I don’t have any knowledge about the homemade jewelry business world, but is it common to just sell pre-made jewelry and brand it as your own? I looked Emma’s website for the first time and was surprised, maybe disappointed, to see Pura Vida and other branded rings. The earrings also didn’t look like they were necessarily made by her – at least more than just attaching the earring hook – and the prices are ridiculously high for what they are (the Pura Vida ring that’s currently posted is three times the cost of buying from the Pura Vida website. The topaz ring is a cheap $8 ring from another website, marked up to $45 on Emma’s. Several of the rings come from (or at least are also sold) the Elevated Faith website. Thanks, Google image search. It makes me wonder if this business would be successful without the show’s popularity.”

Another Redditor added, “No it wouldn’t be so successful if it wasn’t for the show, yes she does make some of the jewelry, I’m sure it was the marketing business that told her to add the mark-up jewelry to her site.”

No matter where the jewelry comes from, she is more than likely just making money from it because of the show. Only time will tell if she continues to do so.

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