90 Day Fiancé : Deavan’s Daughter Drascilla Hits A New Milestone

Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg starred in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 1 and fans met her daughter Drascilla. At the time, she was pregnant with the son of Jihoon Lee.

TLC fans watched as she chronicled her efforts to relocate to South Korea, and Drascilla went with her. She came from Utah and claimed that her energetic and mischievous daughter was the same as she was when she was little.

This week, the rambunctious kid celebrated a big milestone.

90 Day Fiancé : Deavan Clegg Split From Jihoon Over Drascilla

Jihoon was accused of being a lazy liar and yet Deavan continued to travel between the USA and South Korea. She gave birth to her darling little boy Taeyang, and surprisingly, Drascilla didn’t seem to mind having a little sibling.

Sadly, her mom and Jihoon split and there were accusations that allegedly, Jihoon had assaulted Drascilla. People didn’t see that play out on TLC and they both left the franchise.

90 Day Fiancé fans don’t see as much of Drascilla on Deavan’s social media as they used to. That’s because her son. Taeyang fell very ill with blood cancer.

In fact, he’s unwell at the moment and recently relapsed. Treatment for Taeyang can take years, and he’s been in and out of hospitals since he turned three years old.

What fans can make out from Deavana’s social media, is that Drascilla turned out to be a caring and nurturing big sister.

90 Day Fiancé Deavan Clegg: Drascilla Starts Second Grade

This week, fans who still follow Deavan saw that she took to her Instagram stories and posted up a photo of Drascilla smiling for the camera.

She’s grown tall like her mom and was dressed in a skirt with a light blue shirt. On her back, she carried her backpack.

In her caption, her mother wrote, “Can’t believe my baby is starting second grade.” Fans can’t comment on stories, but there are other photos on Deavan’s profile page where they do chat about the sister of Taeyang.

90 Day Fiance Deavan's Daughter Drascilla Hits A New Milestone
Deavan Clegg / Instagram Stories

90 Day Fiancé fans sometimes trolled Deavan over the way she raised her child. Actually, the show revealed her running wild, climbing on tables, throwing stuff, and more.

However, she settled down and nowadays, she seems to be sweet-natured. Most importantly, she really seems to be sweet with her sickly little brother.

Drascilla and Taeyang
Deavan Clegg / Instagram

When Deavan shared a photo of Drasciall with Taeyang in July, a lot of people commented on it. That was when her son was doing well before he relapsed and was readmitted for treatment.

In the comments, it became clear that Drascilla is still loved by many TLC fans. Obviously, most of the talk was about Taeyang. But people noticed how she sweetly held her brother close.

A New Dad

90 Day Fiancé fans found out that after Jihoon Leee was kicked to the curb,  Deavan Clegg started dating Topher Park. He ended up being a real father figure to both of her children.

While she got some critics for an alleged Asian fetish, the children certainly seem to have won his heart.

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