90 Day Fiancé: Anna Campisi Updates Some Info On Little Gokhan

Anna Camipsis

90 Day Fiancé fans quietly follow Anna Camipsi and Mursel Mistangolu on social media and rapidly, they become possibly the best-loved couple on the franchise. Who’d have thought that would happen when they met awkward Mursel Mistanoglu from Turkey and his non-turkish-speaking girlfriend, Anna? Their story seemed relatively drama-free, and yet today, many people just adore the couple.

90 Day Fiancé: Anna Campisi And Mursel Raise Baby Gokhan

When fans first heard that Anna and her husband wanted to explore the option of raising their own child, few people thought much of it. After all, she already had three boys from a previous relationship. Anyway, they did eventually find out about getting a surrogate mom. And later, Gokhan was born. That came with a lot of drama as Anna had to go into Ukraine to try and get her baby out, soon after Russia started their special military operation. Actually, it was enough of a drama for someone to think about making a movie.

90 Day Fiancé fans watched the baby boy with a stylish mohawk grow into a chubby baby, and now, he’s a charming, little smiling toddler. He’s got a sense of humor as well, and on his birthday, he several times pretended that he would push his cake over onto the floor. As far as Mursel goes, well, the little guy and the big guy dote on each other. Usually, if you see Mursel, then Gokhan is not far behind.

90 Day Fiancé: The Giant Tomato – Gokhan Steals The Show

Anna and Mursel love nature and they keep bees. Plus, they grow some vegetables in the garden. Well, they grew a massive tomato and according to Anna, they didn’t do anything extra special to make it grow so large. Sharing a photo of Mursel with Gokhan and the tomato, the caption said, “Look at the size of this tomato! It weighs 900 grams, 1 lb 15.5 ounces!” Incredibly, it was nearly as big as Gokhan’s head.

90 Day Fiance Anna Campisi Updates Some Info On Little Gokhan
Anna Campisi / Instagram

90 Day Fiancé fans chatted about the huge tomato for a while and some folk said it made them “want a sandwich.” Meanwhile, others chatted about Gokhan. As his hair looked so neat, and the mohawk was gone, fans asked if Anna was cutting his hair. Well, it seems that he gets his hair cut by a barber. She said in her replies, that she took him for a cut just the same day as the tomato was harvested.

Learning Turkish

90 Day Fiancé fans recall that Anna had a communication problem when she brought Murel stateside. Remember they used an annoying translation App. Well, these days it seems that she can speak some Turkish and Mursel speaks more English. As for little Gokhan, he is totally learning to speak his father’s mother tongue. When she was asked, Anna said “of course.” 

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