How Does 7 Little Johnstons Star Emma Stand Out From Her Siblings?

Emma Johnston

7 Little Johnstons fans really seem to like Emma. She and Alex are the youngest of five kids and still live at home with her family. Mind you, higher education looms for both of them. So, far she is the most consistent with her love for sisters. What else do fans like about the TLC star? Read on to find out.

7 Little Johnstons: Emma Gets On Well With Her Family

Despite being younger, Emma is quick to open up to her family if there’s a call for support. For example, she was enthusiastic about the whole family gathering together and working out when her dad, Trent, had a health scare. Other things that fans notice about her are that she is never at the center of drama like her half-sister Anna. Additionally, she rarely misses Elizabeth’s birthday or a visit to her house.

She is sometimes a bit sassy with her mom and thinks they are a bit crazy with their TikTok videos. Mind you, her fans often seem in agreement with that. Interestingly, the 7 Little Johnstons star struggled with communication as a younger person, but now she seems to be good at it. In fact, fans saw her with Alex and his girlfriend, and she seems to be extending a happy smile and a friendly hand to her.

7 Little Johnstons: Emma Supports Herself

Like her sister Anna, Emma started a shop on Etsy quite early in life. Apart from filming, studying, and hanging with her sisters, she helps out to earn money. She will occasionally lower her prices or keep a percentage of her sales for a good cause, and if you want to find a TV star who cares about supporting local businesses, she’s your go-to girl.

7 Little Johnstons-Emma
Emma Johnston / Instagram

At the moment, Emma doesn’t have a boyfriend, but that could change for the 7 Little Johnstons star. If there’s going to be any drama, it might come from her dad, Trent. Notably, he always lectures his kids about their relationships. Fans saw him embarrass Brice when the family helped to move Elizabeth into her new home. And this season, fans see both parents getting very involved in Jonah’s relationship with Ashley.

She Is An Inspiration For TLC Fans

Like the rest of her family, Emma is a little person, so she might feel like she stands out at the beach. However, she always looks confident in her bikinis, showcasing her tanned and toned body. Certainly, she looks like she works out, and folks draw inspiration from her differences when they see her being so confident. In fact, of all of the family members in the Johnson household, Emma seems to be the favorite child. Do you agree that she seems to be a sunny, bubbly person to be around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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