OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Explains Why Danielle Was Vague About Season 9

Adam Busby

TLC’s OutDaughtered features the Busby family, including Adam, Danielle, and their six kids. After the recently released trailer, Adam Busby mentioned that they had no idea when the show would premiere. Apparently, TLC kept it a secret even from them, and they weren’t sure if they would even return at all.

OutDaughtered Was Renewed For Season 9

A week ago, Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories and did a Q&A with her fans. When one fan asked about the return of the show, she gave them a disappointing answer. She said, “Maybe” and “One day.” This caused fans to worry that the show would never come back. However, just a matter of days later, TLC surprised everyone by dropping the trailer and telling fans that it will premiere on July 11.

OutDaughtered fans naturally suspected that Danielle Busby had been trolling them. And, many of them on social media expressed their irritation with her. It’s not clear if they saw any of the comments or articles about it. However, they both appeared on Adam’s YouTube channel this weekend and made a long video about it. He claimed that they didn’t know when it would premiere.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby & Danielle Explain The Vague Reply

When he shared that the video was up, Adam told his fans on Instagram Stories to go and watch it. Plus, he warned that it would be “a long one.” Well, it ran for about 30 minutes. When it started, he explained that neither of them were aware of when the show would premiere. Actually, it sounds like TLC kept the premiere date secret from everyone.

OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Says TLC Kept Season 9's Premiere Date Secret
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You might remember that about a year ago, the OutDaughtered stars said they were taking a hiatus. Now, it turns out that they really never expected to return to TLC. In fact, Danielle explained that they really didn’t know what “the future” held for them with the TV show. Also, they were tired after about six years of filming. Also, they talked about how difficult it was to film during covid. Now, she’s saying that they were “done” with the show. But, that changed. Next, they talked about how God told them they mustn’t push their religion, and that they must just get on with the job of filming an entertaining family show.

New Direction?

Some fans might assume that it wasn’t actually God who talked about less religion. After all, the Bates family lost their show, and the Duggars went away, as did The Willis Family. OutDaughtered should be about a family providing entertainment, and Adam now agrees with that. One has to wonder if Happy Shiny People: Duggar Family Secrets had any influence on the way the show presents itself going forward.

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