OutDaughtered: Busby Quints Awesome Eighth Birthday Video Drops

Busby Quints

OutDaughtered fans know that the Busby Quints just turned eight years old. It seems incredible, actually, but it’s real enough. Anyway, some photos have already surfaced on social media. But this week, Adam dropped his birthday vlog so fans could see more about their big day.

OutDaughtered: April Is Birthday Month For The Busby Quints & Blayke

When Adam and Danielle welcomed Blayke, they never imagined that they would end up with six daughters. After all, Danielle struggled with infertility. When the quints, Ava, Olivia, Riley, Hazel, and Parker arrived, they came soon after Blayke’s birthday. So, early April is always a very busy month, especially as it often brings Easter as well. This year, TLC fans were shocked to discover that Blayke turned 12 years old. Before you know it, she will be a genuine teenager.

Although the OutDaughtered quints’ birthday happened about three weeks ago, Adam only dropped the video on his vlog this weekend. Previously, fans saw on Instagram that he shared some photos of the big birthday. At the time, he dedicated a lovely song to his beautiful children: “You Are My Sunshine,” by Zach Brian. He showed that there were a lot of balloons, and the theme was all done out in silver, gold, and pink: Apt colors for little girls who also had pink frosting on their cakes.

OutDaughtered: The Video Of The Busby Quints’ Birthday Drops

On April 30, Adam notified his fans via Instagram Stories that the video for the birthday was up on YouTube. There, the day started with breakfast. Adam said that each year, they have a tradition. For breakfast, the kids get to eat “French toast.” When she finished hers, Riley wanted to know if they had to go to school. Unfortunately for her, Danielle said yes. So, off they went, a bit reluctantly. However, there was so much to do, so Adam spent a lot of time helping to get ready for the party.

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The OutDaughtered kids had a wonderful day planned, but Adam was a bit worried about wet weather.  He explained that sometimes in April, there are rain showers. A lot of kids were coming, including friends from school, church friends, family, and more. So, it couldn’t be a small party. Danielle said that they were holding their party at the Main Street Events Center. Probably, they had little choice given the large number of people who attended. She also said that they planned a “circus theme.”

The Kids See The Venue

The OutDaughtered quints were so excited when they saw the nice venue. Bear in mind, it was not known to them what the theme would be. But Riley made a beeline to the cakes. Smiles turned to joy when the kids saw the pink bouncy castle. There was even a real-live petting zoo out the back which they loved. You can watch the whole video below this article.

What do you think of all the hard work that went into making the eighth birthday for the Busby quints so special?  Let us know in the comments below.

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