OutDaughtered Fans Are Officially Old – Blayke Busby Just Turned 12


OutDaughtered fans have been tuning in to watch the Busby family for seven years and they watched Blayke grow into a beautiful young pre-teen. How old were you when the first episode dropped on TLC? If you were 14, you are now an adult of 21. Certainly, now that she turned 12, it seems that a lot of original fans will start to feel old. The cute kid is now tall, accomplished, and the spitting image of her mom, Danielle.

OutDaughtered Nearly-Teen Blayke Busby Is Danielle’s Clone?

If you were only five years old when the show first arrived, you might not recall the concerns that TLC fans had about Blayke. Plenty of people opined that she would end up just being a nanny to her five little sisters, Olivia, Ava, Riley, Hazel, and Parker. Well, that didn’t happen, although she was very nurturing. She didn’t turn into a surrogate mom, but she certainly turned into a clone of Danielle. These days they are the spitting image of each other.

This time last year, OutDaughtered fans saw that Adam Busby just couldn’t get over the fact that his first-born baby was preparing to enter middle school already. Soon to celebrate her 11th birthday, fans couldn’t get their heads around it either. In their minds, she was still the cute little four-year-old who ended up with multiple new sisters on the same day. A year on, and she looks well on the way to being a well-rounded adult.

OutDaughtered – Blayke Makes People Feel Officially Old?

When Adam took to his Instagram on the evening of April 5, it took less than an hour for the likes to climb to 12K. Hundreds of comments arrived on the post. In his photo, Blayke Busby wore a watch with a red strap, earrings, and a yellow tee shirt. Her long hair was loose like her mom, and her smile could have been Danielle’s. She had a little cake with eight candles on it. In his caption, her dad said, “Happy Birthday my Blaykers! Today was a long day of spoiling with all her favorite things. Happy 12 BB!”

OutDaughtered Fans Are Officially Old - Blayke Busby Just Turned 12
Adam Busby / Instagram

Naturally, the bulk of the comments said, “Happy birthday” to the OutDaughtered not-so-little starlet. Plenty of fans sent in their congrats to Adam and Danielle for being great parents. Of course, Uncle Dale Mills liked the post as well. Actually, he also shared a photo of Blayke on her 12th birthday, and there, a follower said that it made them feel “officially old.” Well, it seems incredible that this time next year she will be an official teenager.

Danielle Described Her Daughter

OutDaughtered mom Danielle also posted up photos of Blayke. One of them revealed her on the day of her birth, In her caption, her mom said that Blayke is “beautiful, sweet, silly, a perfectionist, a server, [and] a little sassy.” Additionally, she said, “Keep seeking Jesus, loving others with a gracious heart and strive for all things you desire!”

Does seeing Blayke Busby turn 12 make you feel old? Were you 12 when you watched the premiere of the TLC show? If you were, you will be going on 20 now. Shout out in the comments below.

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