OutDaughtered Star Adam Just Can’t Believe Blayke’s Milestone

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby seems very proud of his daughter Blayke Busby who is the mini-me of her mom, Danielle. She’s 10 years old now and really seems like a very poised young teenager. Now, Adam told his TLC fans that he just cannot get over her newest milestone.

OutDaughtered Star Blayke Busby Meets New Milestones

OutDaughtered fans became very fond of Blayke over the years as fans saw how sweet and nurturing she seemed. Actually, some folks feared at one stage that she would end up being like a surrogate mommy to her little sisters. Well, to the disappointment of critics, her parents never allowed that to happen.

OutDaughtered star Blayke Busby is around for her sisters, and she attends the same school this year. However, she goes to different summer camps. In fact, last year she hit a new milestone when she went on an overnight camp for the first time. Additionally, she tends to hang with her cousins and besties a lot more than with the quints these days. And, that’s only natural.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Reveals His Amazement

On January 31, Blayke Busby’s dad took to his Instagram and talked about his oldest daughter. It turned out that he was playing taxi driver and ferrying her somewhere. In his caption, he also noted an interesting fact. Danielle couldn’t drive her as she had an appointment already. It turned out that she went to a parent’s meeting for Middle School. Well, Adam just can’t believe that his baby girl starts at Middle School in August this year.

OutDaughtered Star Adam Just Can't Believe Blayke's Milestone
Adam Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans know that later this year, that Blayke turns 11 years old. You might recall that on her 10th birthday, Danielle arranged plenty of activities for her and her friends. Actually, the celebrations lasted about four days. Fans of the TLC show also can’t really get their heads around the fact that the 4-year-old girl they met on the show is well on her way with her education.

What Are Your Thoughts About The Post?

OutDaughtered fans took to the comments section of the post about Blayke Busby. Many of them told Adam that he has a very beautiful daughter. Meanwhile, other fans reminisced about the age she was when they first saw her.

What are your thoughts about this major milestone in her life? Do you agree that it seems amazing that Adam’s daughter is old enough to move up into Middle School this year? Do you still think of her as the tiny tot who welcomed her little sisters so many years ago? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below

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