OutDaughtered Spoilers: Danielle Busby Reveals A New Milestone For Blayke

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that mom Danielle, her sisters, husband, and all the kids enjoyed a trip away at Splashway Water Park recently. When they returned, the quints and Blayke Busby went off for short camp experiences. Now, Blayke goes on and enjoys another camp. It’s her very first time away at an overnight camp and her mom has some mixed emotions.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Blayke Busby Goes Away And It’s The First Experience

Fans of Blayke Busby know that she went off with her sisters and attended day camps recently. Only Hazel opted out as she couldn’t do well with the balance and coordination needed. Instead, she stayed at home with her dad, who took her to the Texas Entertainment Xperience for a day. Next, the two went on what he called “Day 2 of Daddy Camp.” This time, they visited the Lago Mar Lagoon. She enjoyed playing in the sand and they both enjoyed a first-time visit to the resort-style community.

OutDaughtered fans heard from Danielle that after the cheer camp, Blayke would go to church camp. Certainly, it looks like a fun-filled summer for the 10-year-old girl. She seems very grown-up these days and she met another milestone with the camp. Taking to her Instagram, Danielle told TLC fans this weekend that Blayke never stayed away overnight at camp before.

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Reveals A New Milestone For Blayke

OutDaughtered Updates – Big Sister Blayke New Milestone Given Her Mom Mixed Emotions

Fans who follow the OutDaughtered family know that Blayke sometimes stays over with friends at sleepovers. So, she stayed away from their house on occasion. However, this time staying away overnight seems extra special. Danielle shared a photo of herself with Blayke who smiled to show her new braces. 2021 certainly seems like it brings some firsts for her.

In her caption, Danielle said, “can’t believe I dropped off my baby girl to her first overnight Summer Camp. So many mixed emotions and feelings here, hahaha. I’m SO excited for BB but I’m going to miss her like crazy.” OutDaughtered fans commented of course and wished Blayke Busby a great time. From her hashtags, fans learned that she attends the camp arranged by the Clear Creek Community Church.

Most Kids Who Overnight At Camp Love it

OutDaughtered fans chipped in with their own experiences and it seems that staying over at camp meant a lot to their own children. One of them wrote, “Overnight summer camp is so fun for kids! Hope Blayke enjoys herself. All 3 of my kids did 4-H over nite camp they loved it!” Then another fan noted, “It’s such a great experience. She will love it!” Meanwhile, other fans talked about how fast Blayke grows up these days. No doubt, Blayke makes loads of nice new friends and memories at camp.

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