OurDaughtered Spoilers: Hazel Busby Enjoys Pristine Beach On Day 2 Of Daddy Camp

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that Hazel Busby stayed back home with her dad when the quints went off for their cheer camp this week. The OutDaughtered quints and Blayke went away leaving their sister behind. Plenty of fans wonder why she opted out, but there’s a good explanation for it. So, the red-headed quint and her dad enjoyed time together at “daddy camp” instead.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Hazel Busby And Her Dad’s Daddy Camp Day 1

TLC fans heard it from Danielle first, that the OutDaughtered kids have a packed week ahead of them. Soon after they returned from their summer vacation at Splashway Water Park, Texas, the kids went off to camp. After their cheer camp, they head for their invention camp. Meanwhile, Blayke goes off to church camp. In her Instagram stories, Danielle said it’s a good time for them to keep busy as they work in the pool and the yard at the moment.

Meanwhile, Hazel Busby, who Adam said on Instagram struggles with balance and coordination, preferred staying at home. The other quints thought their sister lost her mind, as they thought she’d spend her time weeding the garden at home. However, the news soon emerged via Adam that they ate a nice breakfast. After that, they enjoyed a full day at the Texas Entertainment Xperience. Fans thought it was very sweet of Hazel as she asked to buy some treats for her sisters.

Hazel Busby Enjoys Pristine Beach On Day 2 Of Daddy Camp

OutDaughtered Updates – Adam And Hazel On Day Two – Pristine Beach

On his Instagram, Adam told his fans they should check back and see what he planned for Hazel Busby on day two. Well, they continued their fun on daddy camp day 2. This time, they went somewhere news, and most likely, all the kids visit the place this summer as it looks very nice. On his Instagram on Tuesday, June 8, Adam shared a photo of himself and Hazel playing in the sand.

In his caption, the TLC star explained that he and Hazel Busby visited the Lago Mar Lagoon. Construction started in 2019 and it finally took shape and looks like a stunning tropical destination. Not far from League City in Houston, it looks like a perfect staycation venue for the OutDaughtered family.

All Of The OutDaughtered Kids Will Visit The Place soon

Hazel Busby and her dad look like pioneers who tested the place out. In his caption, Adam said, “Today’s Daddy Camp with Hazel consisted of building sandcastles at @lagomarlagoon. It’s Texas’ largest man-made Blue Lagoon! It was so cool! We will definitely be back with all the kids real soon.”

Fans chatted about the place and explained to others that the place is still really new. So, that’s probably why the kids never went there before. Certainly, it looks like Hazel wins the boasting rights when she next catches up with her sisters.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Hazel Busby from TLC’s OutDaughtered.

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