OutDaughtered Fans Unite To Declare Blayke Busby Is A Carbon Copy

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby

OutDaughtered fans met Blayke Busby when she was younger than the quints are today, and they hoped she wouldn’t disappear from the hearts of her parents. After all, from being an only child, she became one of six pretty little girls. With the cameras focused on the smaller kids, she might have easily been sidelined. But, Adam and Danielle Busby made sure that she always got special time with them.  This week, fans seem united in their opinion of the TLC starlet.

OutDaughtered Starlet Blayke Busby Is The Apple Of Adam’s Eye

For a man who worried himself into depression over being a good or a bad dad, Adam certainly did a good job with his six daughters, fans agree. Blayke turned out to be close to her dad and he often posts photos of her. In fact, he often uses the word “proud” when he describes the young teenager. On occasion, she spends one-on-one time with her father. Danielle, her mom also does that, but these days, she seems really tied up with running her retail outfit, Graeson Bee.

OutDaughtered fans noticed that Adam, Busby always says nice things about his oldest daughter. Well, he clearly loves his wife, Danielle, and her daughter who starts to look exactly like her mom. In fact, some fans think it must be surreal for him to look at Blayke because she really has become a carbon copy of Danielle. This week, when he posted another photo of her, plenty of fans agreed that she is a mini-me of her mom.

OutDaughtered Fans Think Blayke Busby Is Her Mom Danielle

At first glance, some TLC fans claimed that they thought Adam had posted up a photo of Danielle on March 8. However, it turned out to be Blayke. In his caption, Adam said, “Snapped a quick pick of this little beauty as i was dropping her off today. It’s picture day. Pretty like her mama. ” Well, some followers thought she was her mama, the likeness is so strong.

OutDaughtered Fans Unite To Declare Blayke Busby Is A Carbon Copy
Adam Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans don’t always agree with each other when it comes to the Busby kids. For example, some people think Riley is too bossy with her sisters. Meanwhile, others think that she’s the best thing since Easter Bunnies were invented. This time, almost every comment on the photo echoed others: Blayke is her mom’s “carbon copy.” One of them  said, “She looks JUST like Danielle right here wow!!!!!”

‘Carbon Copy’ Comments From TLC Fans

More than one OutDaughtered fan claimed that they think Blayke’s her mom’s carbon copy. A follower opined, “Crazy how much she looks like her mom.”

Here’s another person in agreement: “I thought it was Daniele lol.” More followed and this comment also arrived, “Carbon copy of Danielle pretty lady grown up…”

There were more fans in agreement. Plenty of words like “mini-me,” “carbon copy,” and “twins” appeared in comments that arrived thick and fast.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Blayke and Danielle Busby are literally carbon copies of each other? Shout out in the comments below.

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