Perfect Poise – OutDaughtered Star Blayke Busby Spends Quality Time With Dad

Blake Busby

OutDaughtered star Blayke Busby made her parents, Adam and Danielle, proud this year when she graduated 5th grade. Now in middle school, fans notice that she grows tall, slim, and very attractive. After her graduation, Adam told his followers that she took away plenty of awards. Clearly accomplished and clever, she’s likely to face a very bright future. This week, she spent some quality time with Adam before heading back to school.

OutDaughtered Star Blayke Busby Was Always A Pretty Little Kid

Blayke Busby looks a lot like her mom, Danielle, but there’s often a fleeting glimpse of Adam in her temperament. From the youngest age that fans saw her, she always seemed pretty and dedicated to her little sisters. As time went by, TLC fans saw her out and about with her mom on one-on-one dates. By the time she had her braces taken out this year, she’d started maturing into a tall and willowy teenager. Of course, she still hangs out with her little sisters on the weekends. But with her mom busier at Graeson Bee, this week, she had a date with her dad.

When Danielle told OutDaughtered fans that her oldest daughter starts middle school in August this year, they were blown away. And, they were not the only ones. Her dad seemed almost shocked by his beautiful girl suddenly being all grown up. Before TLC fans can blink, she’ll be off to high school and college! Actually, we’re pretty certain that she’ll do well through her school years as she seems very intelligent. If you watch Adam’s It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube, you might recall her educating her father on what dogs can and not eat. Well, we don’t know what they talked about on the lunch date this week, but she really looked poised and classy.

OutDaughtered Star Blayke Enjoys A Lunch Date With Adam Busby

If you missed the news that Danielle spends a lot more time at Graeson Bee, then you need to know that Adam does a lot more parenting these days. So, he told fans that he took his oldest daughter out for lunch. Then, he got on with his busy day taking some of the quints shopping for shoes. Obviously, back to school means a busy time for the family. However, he made the time to relax and enjoy Blayke’s company before that.

Perfect Poise - OutDaughtered Star Blayke Busby Spends Quality Time With Dad
Adam Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam and Danielle don’t rely solely on the TLC show for an income. Between them, they ran way more businesses than people actually saw on the show. So these days, the kids enjoy a good life. Obviously, with all their TV exposure and with access to good things, kids could have easily turned out spoiled and unpleasant. However, Adam and Danielle instilled good values in their children. You might recall that Blayke and her little sisters all helped out with loading donated food parcels when Hurricane Laura happened. So, fans noticed how poised and well-mannered their oldest daughter looked in the photo.

Growing Up So Fast

OutDaughtered fans who commented couldn’t help but see how much Blayke Busby has blossomed. One of them wrote, “Blayke is looking so grown up ❤️.” She sure is, and the quints also shoot up these days. Whilst the family takes a bit of a hiatus this year, Adam and Danielle assured fans that they have not left reality TV forever. So when the show returns, the sudden growth spurt will probably take those who don’t follow the family on social media, by surprise.

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